Did my first reloads today


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Nice setup, I'm jealous. This is when I wished I had a house somewhere that not only could I have a nice setup like that and reload, but could also shoot out back like many do. Nope. In the city in a apt complex. oh well.


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An amateur question, but is there a way to determine when a casing is good to use again? Again, I'm firing .357 Magnum and 9MM, with more of my reloading interest being the .357. How many times can a case be reused typically?

You can reload a .357 case at least 5 times, sometimes more, sometimes less. You will need to trim the brass at some point, I just measure my brass and if it's too long, I trim it to length and move on with the reloading process. I've reused brass up to 5 times before I either lose it or it shows signs of needing to be tossed. Once you get into it, it's nice to have something to do on a crappy day besides sitting around watching sports.



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I was thinking of that. I will put up some shelving later and some pegboard as well. It’s a work in progress. As I can see I will need more room. I am going to mount a shotgun reloader too. I have had it for a lot of years but have gotten a way from it. On the up side I got out today and shoot my first 50 rounds of reloads. 9mm 125 gr. lead RN with 4.1 g of powder Accurate #2. They worked with out a flaw in my M&P. I am a happy camper.
And thanks for all of the advice guys it sure helps out.

Hope your happy. I've been considering reloading and have been researching various press configurations, manufacturers, cost, etc, and now thanx to you (in part) I'm going to head over and likely spend a LOT of money to learn to start rolling my own... Geez, thanx a lot. :biggrin:

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