Did he do the right thing?


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Ok my .02 cents worth

In Florida you can use deadly force to protect the well being of a third party. So if this guy thought that the woman was at risk of great bodily harm or death he was covered by law and could have shot.

It's hard to say exactly what I would have done but I would hope it would go something like this. I roll up on a guy beating the crap out of a woman. I call 911 inside the truck from a safe distance. If the BG didn't appear to be armed I would stay at a safe distance, announce, and let him know I was on the phone with the police. All the while read to draw if need be. Most likely that would defuse the situation. If it was a cop he would announce and we could go from there. If he continued the beat down after several attempts to verbally defuse I'd draw my weapon. Tell him to stop again. If he still continues and I have a shot I take it.

This way 911 would have the entire even on tape if needed in court.

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I agree with what has been said about the original post, and as far as the expanded scenarios... it's like playing poker, you have to do what you have to do as the cards are shown.

I personally would not have drawn first but I might have used other methods first to help the woman being beaten.

I remember a scenario in the Police Academy. Same basic scenario except the BG is beating the woman with a gun. The cop ends up shooting the BG, as the cop is holstering and coming to the aid of the woman, she picks up the BG's gun and says "you sob, you killed my boyfriend" and proceeds to kill the cop! :eek:

Stay alert! :D


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Certainly was a tought situation with a tought call by this guy who I would also buy a beer and call a hero. Dropped his guard a little too fast to have the best outcome for all.

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