Device Helps Parents To Not Leave Kids In Car


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O.K. am I being judgemental but I thought we were all equiped with a device already. It is called a brain

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"All of our lives are so busy, we get distracted and we forget something. It's just as simple as forgetting to buy milk at the grocery store."

What? Getting your kid out of the car ranks up there in importance with getting a gallon of milk!

"As a mom you can get really distracted, especially when you have multiple children and something like this would be very helpful as a back up plan if you are scatter brained that day," she said.

How about inventory? Let's see, I had three kids when I got up this morning so lets count and see if I still do.

Yeah this isn't "Home Alone" anyone that is not capable of keeping track of their kids in this situation should never be allowed to have them in the first place. To any responsible adult the kids are No 1 on the list and not just a inconvenience to be reminded about!
O.K. am I being judgemental but I thought we were all equiped with a device already. It is called a brain

Are you sure about that? Sometimes I wonder about a lot of people having brains or at least ever using them.
I've thought parents were pretty stupid for forgetting their kids in cars too...and i some cases the kids die and the parents are guilty of negligent homicide.

But since then, I've had the job of supervising 3 or 4 kids, coming in and out of stores, vehicles, and trying to watch a shopping cart, etc. This is difficult even with multiple adults and it's really scary how quickly your attention can be drawn away. It's very difficult to extend your situational awareness over so many children at a time and keep an agenda which you may not have time to write down, while simultaneously watching out for threats.

So actually, what's really stupid is the fact that we burden our lives with so much complication that devices like this actually become useful. People in those situations, IMO, should force themselves (or force their family) to slow down and take it easy.
The only parents who leave their children in cars are the irresponsible ones. To me, irresponsibility is exactly what a device such as this encourages. No, I am not a parent, but I'd like to think that when I do become one, I will treat my kids like I treat my primary carry gun; if they're in the vehicle or house with me, they're also leaving out with me.
This little device was mentioned by our local news a few weeks ago after a child was left in a car and died. I think it is ludicrous, even though some folks obviously could use it. I absolutely understand being scatterbrained, overscheduled, hectic, etc. as well as shopping and running errands regularly with 3 kids (who are rarely moving in the same direction as each other). Unless dad's home or we've arranged for a sitter, they go everywhere with me. If I go in the store, they go in, even if it's just to pay for gas (which is why I avoid stations I can't pay at the pump!). Getting in and out of cars and stores and the shopping itself can be quite taxing, especially as toreskha noted when trying to stay out of condition white for all of you. I also understand forgetting a gallon of milk--been there, done that! I do not, however, understand forgetting your child. They are your stewardship, your primary responsibility, your angels, and should be way ahead of a gallon of milk in your priorities.
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I don't think I would ever market such a device. Some people could become rather dependent upon it, and I would think the product Liability insurance would be quite exorbitant. Not to mention the gullt feelings if it failed.
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