Detroit to continue stop and frisk policy....

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One of the most idiotic things I have ever read on the 'Net. More likely than not, the local cops knewn about the meeting at tha SAC and all you would had to have done was tell them were you were going and why and the situation would have ended right then and there.

Actually, your "story" is pure BS.

You were "crusin'" in a high crime rate area that was known for drugs and hookers and you played Billy Badbutt with the cops and they backed down and let you go?

Never happened.

You were driving in a high crime rate area in the evening, near nightfall, were white in a more than likely black neighborhood, and that gave the cops "probable cause" to pull you over.

Usually when "Whitey" is in "Black Town" he's looking for 1 or 2 things: drugs and/or hookers. Both are illegal.

same pigheaded mindset as the pigs? Nope. I was just stating what the LEOs were doing in Little Rock back in the 90's. The "pigheaded mindset" of cops today is NOT a Liberal POV.


This is what I picture when stengun is drooling in his tin foil command center.

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