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  • Desert Eagle Mark VII handgun: General overview, shooting/reloading ammo economics, and firing.


    Hi, its Dr. Bilderburger. Here's my DE, hollywood star, video game legend, but thats not why I got it. In fact I bought it used from someone who was sucked into the glamor image, fired it once and said, too much gun. Thanks to that idiot, I got one basically brand new for cheap.

    I bought it for fun factor and for its engineering! This pistol differs from most in that its action is more like a hand held assault rifle than any pistol. It operates using a gas tube system, and even features a rotating bolt which positively locks with the barrel, like an M16. So, a rifle on the inside, and big honkin handgun on the outside.

    You can see it disassembles quickly and easily, a barrel change can be done in 2 seconds if you're good. Were looking at the barrel which has polygonal rifling, sadly you cannot see at this video resolution. All in all, Desert Eagle is a masterpiece of engineering.

    Ammunition: left to right, speer Gold Dot factory produced ammo, the other 3 are my handloads. Why handload? Currently its 2$ or more per shot with most 50 action express ammo, but you can get components and make them for as little as 36 cents a pop.

    50 cal Carbide reloading dies cost too much, so I got the Lee steel dies, just means you have to lube the cases. Spray lube seems to work.

    I use use the lee handheld priming system. Unfortunately 50 cal cases are too fat... unless you take some material off the priming tool with say a dremel tool, you saw me measure a case, the priming tool opening, and then prime the cases.

    Powder! For this load, I use winchester 296, a slow burn powder, good for making high velocities and big fireballs. My 300 grain bullet loads clock in at an average of 1500fps (with 25fps standard deviation), and check this out, you can even see rings of fire, and this is in broad daylight.

    Reloading is simple, but its not child's play, observe all safety precautions in your reloading manuals. Here I measure my powder weight several times so I am confident that I not overcharge a case and make a bomb out of it. This 50 recipe calls for 34.5 grains of Win296 for a 300gr bullet.

    Here I charge my case on the third stage with this progressive press, then press the bullet into the case and give it a crimp on the forth stage. I measure to make sure that the cartridge overall length is within spec. I am looking for about 1.580 inches, and thats about what I get. There we go, components to finished cartridges!

    Lets make noise, break stuff, and experience big recoil.

    Reload Data:

    Load (Cal, BBL, Load): 50 AE, 6 in (Desert Eagle), Win 296 - 34.5gr - CCI 350 - Ranier 300gr PFP, COAL = 1.590

    Comment: 7/19/08, northern NE

    FPS Data: 1522 1513 1466

    Number of shots: 3
    Average Velocity (Mean): 1500
    High: 1522
    Low: 1466
    Extreme Spread: 56
    Standard Deviation: 25
    StDev Percent: 1.7%

    Disclaimer: Do not use my numbers for your reloading data. If you reload ammo, look up your data in an established reloading manual and likewise excecute your reloading practices from said manual. If you blow yourself up, its your own damned fault and you are probably an idiot on top of all that. By clicking to this video, you agree.

    (Update: I just watched this video again myself for the first time since I made it, in response to critics of the sound quality and speech patterns. Sure, I talk fast, but its perfectly understandable. If you cant understand it, you're a moron ... or deaf. And if you're deaf and not a moron, keep reading, there's a full transcript of my speech which was present since day one this video was uploaded. Comments from those who have failed to read this description will be deleted, after I make an example of you as the classic moron.)
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