Dem’s in power for two days and this is what happened.


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They passed a bill to be sent to the Senate that had allocations for funding of $54 Billion for foreign aid and they don’t feel that the welfare and safety of our country is worth the $5 Billion for border security and a barrier to stop illegal’s, drug’s and human sex trafficking to enter our country, even though it’s been proven that in the 6 places along the Southern border that has a barrier, the influx of illegal’s, drug’s and human sex trafficking has gone down to almost zero there.
Sure makes you wonder whose side they are on doesn’t it.

You are right. If we do not learn from history, it will indeed repeat.
Eminent Domain is the anti-thesis to Freedom and Liberty, and to every true Republican.
Private Property Is the Essence of Liberty - 08/23/2013 Ron Paul
The Founders were firm believers in private property rights.
Liberty and Private Property | What Would The Founders Think?
Are you suggesting that the Fed should take property (Eminent Domain) from 3 million rightful owners and businesses and rely on government to "protect" us - like the democrats believe we should do?


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If We Don't Learn From History, We, This Modern Day Rome, Will Repeat History!
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Although an impressive people who made major contributions to society, the Roman Empire got what it deserved. They reaped what they sowed. They were conquerors. They were perverted. They participated in all sorts of horrible acts on the conquered. The Romans along with the Pharisees crucified a Rabi from Nazareth. What else do I need to say?

On the other hand, all empires become great at the expense of others. The US is a prime example. All empires eventually fall. The bottom line is that Rome fell because it got too big. It wasn’t manageable, plus the world was changing. The rise of Christianity also contributed.

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