Democrats seeking supermajority in Congress


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What happens when all the rich leave or take their money off shore? Who will pay the bills? towellet you will and all the poor bastards that voted for him.:mad:

Lol... towellet obviously believes what Osama, oops I mean Nobama is telling everybody and will obviously continue to spout marxist propaganda.


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I thought the bush tax cuts were a cut from where they were back in the clinton days. So if Obama repeals that portion of the cuts for the top 5% and leaves them for me and you no big deal. They can go back to paying what they were originally right. It don't bother me. I don't recall them asking for those cuts anyways. If the rich want to stand up and complain instead of us here that don't even make that then let them do that and worry about theirselves. I am voting for me not rich people.

I don't think you guys can argue that John Mccain is not going to be socialist to. He did vote for the 700 billion package and he said this week he would consider the second stimulus package proposed by the democrats. So far he hasn't done anything different than obama. You guys should not think he is some great conservative. Palin is even more conservative than Mccain-Bush is.

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