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i recently moved from nevada to new jersey...ican't believe how restrictive the gun laws are here. i moved to be closer to my family but i am looking at deleware as it is only 2 hours from where i live now...does anyone out here know how hard it is to get a concealed carry permit in deleware? i have one for nevada and one for utah.. thaks taters

What made you move from Nevada to New Jersey if you're a gun owner? I'm a resident of NJ, and even I don't want to live here.
I think the hard part is getting "five non relative, upstanding citizens" to sign for you saying
they think your're not bat crazy.
Also, De. and N.J are not recripricol. Your best bet would be Utah. They issue out of state cc permits
recip. w/De., you just have to take their course. Available in most states by Ut. licensed instructors.
Check out;
Good luck :crazy_pilot:
First of all, welcome to USA Carry, taters.

Second of all, what in the world were you thinking moving from the lovely state of Nevada to the godforsaken People's Republic of New Jersey?

Even if you move to DE, you're not guaranteed to get a permit by virtue of the fact that it is may issue. Open carry without a permit is legal there, although I'm not sure how socially acceptable it is and if the police will hassle people for it.

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