Deal Reached On Budget Talks


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Forgive me for being frank. I guess a deal has been reached on the deficit talks.
I hope America knows they didn't get a good deal, they were just &%$#ed gently. Trust me, our reps will not be the ones with the sore *&@holes tomorrow. They are politicians. It's like being a hooker. You can't be one unless you can pretend to like people while you're *&^%ing them.
Aaron Mahan


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It's more of the same. The bomb has not been diffused, it just had some more time added to the timer. Vague talk about saving any amount of money over a multiple year period years is just talk. They don't tell you how many trilions that will be spent during that long time period. It's really sad that so many people buy into that line of thinking. Don't let the media fool you when they talk about the supposed huge Tea Party victory. It's no fun living within my means, but that's just reality I accept, the reality that some believe they can avoid. Greed kills, it just kills slowly sometimes.

If it happened to Greece, it can happen to us.


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I am pretty sure that Congress will have another vote at the end of this year whether or not to further extend unemployment benefits. Like many programs, it can be helpful, but the term "within reason" means vastly different things to different people. I still say the extending of unemployment benefits is the government's way of trying to prevent large scale rioting. Self protection in this circumstance is a must!


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The definition of the term "within reason" depends on whether you are on the receiving end or not. A growing economy and more full time jobs would go a long way to fix the problem. But that would mean a smaller government and less need for progressive liberals. Also better education as to how government really works. When the productive voting public wakes up to the realization the very politicians that have been creating the machine killing our economy are the very same politicians running around telling us they are the ones that can fix it.

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