Deadly Home Invasion in Prichard, AL. (Hoods announce as "ATF" then kill homeowner)

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Deadly Home Invasion in Prichard, AL. (Hoods announce as "ATF" then kill homeowner)

Deadly Home Invasion in Prichard, AL. (Hoods announce as "ATF" then kill homeowner)
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PRICHARD, AL - Prichard Police are investigating a deadly home invasion. Investigators say the suspects busted in a home dressed in all black and said they were ATF agents. It happened early Wednesday morning.
Prichard Police responded to a report of one shot at a residence in the 1700 block of Stile Avenue. Upon police arrival, officers discovered a 31-year-old male inside the house, suffering from a fatal gunshot wound to his middle torso area. He was pronounced dead on the scene by medical personnel.
Investigators say three black male subjects dressed in all black with their faces covered kicked in the door of the residence identifying themselves as ATF agents. Once inside, the suspects searched the home looking for money before shooting the victim, then left taking a flat screen television. There were other occupants inside the house at the time, but they were unharmed.
If anyone has information about this incident, please call the Prichard Police Department at (251) 452-2211.


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---"If anyone has information about this incident, please call the Prichard Police"--------------Bet they get lots of calls. Stopping the bad guys at the door could have saved his life. Had they been real officers he would have died in a hail of lead so what do you do???


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Stopping the bad guys at the door could have saved his life. Had they been real officers he would have died in a hail of lead so what do you do???

There is no good answer.
If the people at the door are real law enforcement agents, you're out of luck. Even if they're at the wrong house, you're screwed.

How can you fight back against those announcing themselves as agents of the law with any certainty that they are lying about their authority?


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Years ago there were so many Cops knocking down the wrong door in SC that I called a Cop friend and warned him to stop being the first in the doors. If they ever broke in my door the first two will die, my friend turned pale. He knew I wasn't kidding.


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OldBanjo, how true. Some folks keep AP rounds very handy in 06 or similar rounds. They will not only stop engines but armor as well. Even hitting a plate will probably stop an assailant with broken ribs or worse. I know an ATF agent and told him to treat folks like they wanted to be treated-don't think it made any impact on him.


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Hey Y'all: You watch a show like "cops" and I am assuming what I am seeing is real and not staged. If so, it gets scary when you see one of those mass invasions by masked LEOs (usually in unmarked cars) as they announce "police, police" and then quickly bang in the door with guns drawn. Usually the occupants are absolutely surprised. Of course these TV cases always have the bad guys and the cocaine and the guns and the police are correct in their intelligence. But I cannot but think that the surprise look on these perps indicates that they not only did not hear the shouts of the police, but certainly never had a chance to open any door. I'm not saying I feel bad for the perps but I can't help feeling that IF it was the wrong house, what then? Sounds like this thread's case was a way for a bunch of low lifes to do exactly what my "what if" thoughts are on these police breakins. I agree with at least one of the repliers---if I hear those kind of shouts outside my door and are not given any chance to appreciate what is going on, and I have done nothing wrong, I will assume the worst and my 12g will will answer the door as it is forced open.


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Same thing happened the other day in Sumpter Township Michigan ( 5 miles south of Belleville, Michigan). The police report indicated two or three black men dressed as a police swat team waving a piece of paper yelling "search warrant-search warrant" got the owner to open the door. They ran in with the premise of searching for drugs (the homeowner had a license to grow medical maijuana) took money, and the drugs. No one was hurt. I'm afraid the "copycat" factor of this method will be in high gear soon.


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I have an episode of Dark Blue on my Tivo with this exact scenario. ATF and all.

It's terrible that this happened. @oldbanjo i don't want to start fights or anything, i just honestly want to know your opinion. do you think it wise to shoot at the first things that come through your door? what if its family, friends etc. Granted, if they're KICKING in your door, that might be a different story, but don't you think it would be prudent to wait a few seconds to see if it is indeed someone in a law enforcement capacity?


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this is horrible... this is gunna cause so many problems if this does become the norm for these criminals... take the appearance of legal government agency's... come kicking down your door... what if they are really the police... what if there not... we are fucked one way or the other... either we respond with our rights for self protection and kill the bad guys or police and die ourselves cause we shot at a officer... or wait till its to late to find out it aint the police and die anyways... its a scary thought... this is why there shouldnt be no knock police warrents...


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One thing that I see that is happening is that the Criminals have this all fiquared out, But on the other side of it don't you think that the LawEnforcement has the same feeling, on this, They are in the same position, darn if they do and darn if they don't. I know alot of LawEnforcement people from Local to Feds and they do have the same feeling when they are told to go get someone, they put their life in danger as much as the home owner or business owner. And when they make that move on a suspects house, they are thinking whats behind the door and who is going to get the first shot, If they call first doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of what they are doing. And when they make the final mistake and find out that their intel was wrong they have to live with that just as you would if you shot them comming thru the door. I am a old Nam Vet and who has work in lawenforcement also and have my share of shootings, I am torn from yes shoot first if someone is breaking down my door to placing my shot where they won't get backup or allowing them entry and finding out who is right or wrong, I take the stance of shoot first and then let god sort them out. My Home is my castle, envade my home and die like the rest. No simple answer on this one at all. LB


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I think it comes down to doing what you can to fortify your home. (Drug dealers do this; so why can't law abiding citizens?)

If the BGs can't kick in your door, you can't be victimized.

"Real" cops should still be able to get inside. (They have the tools to breach almost any barrier.)

I would think "most" impersonators (bgs) don't really want to use heavy "battering ram" type equipment, tear gas canisters or door breaching shotgun rounds. (It seems most bgs prefer to use the "Hollywood" method of kicking in a door.)


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bad guys playing cop

This thing is a natural follow on to the practice of late where LEO have to go and play Special Ops guys... no-knock warrants, roll the SWAT team, armed to the teeth, bust down the doors attempting total surprise.... and all too often find they are at the wrong house, or their infomation is wrong.

Courts need to be VERY cautious in issuing such warrants, and hear more than the one set of information. Reminds me of a case in Mdeford, Oregon, last year where LEO got bogus, exaggerated information about a "disgruntled employee" from a troublesome supervisor, rolled the SWAT guys, dawn raid on the guy's house... took him in for psych evaluation ("protective custody" excuse)... turned out the guy was normal. Overkill?

But, when such raids are normal, bad guys can mimic the whole style and then what? We have dead guys and criminals on the loose. Used to be, when a cop came round to serve an arrest or search warrant, they knocked, identified themselves fully, demanded entrance under the warrant..... sure, some creeps in the back room would make a dash for the bathroom to flush the weed..... so what? They lost that stash, are on notice they are discovered, no one dies for a dime bag of junk.....

The more the cops play heavy duty, the more distrustful citizens will get. It is compounded in that LEO almost NEVER face any consequences for their excessive usage of force. Like the cop who shot a drunk up north of Seattle a couple years back... the guy was no threat, merely was too drunk to comply with orders. The cop got bent outta shape, and fired seven shots, killing him. and got off. Far too often, cops come onto a situation guns drawn..... as last summer whan a friend of mine was travelling with her children in Central California. Stopping to nurse her infant, her older daughters got out to run around a bit... playing with a purple nerf bat. Some idiot called 911 "some kids beating each other up". Imagine their concern when two CHP pull up behind the car and get out, both guns drawn and aimed AT THEM...... what if they'd been the "nervous" type, and "imagined" some "wrong move"? My friend and/or her children might be dead. Why? Overactive cops.

They forget THEY are OUR servatns, they've got that wrong way round. They think it is WE who must comply with THEIR demands.... NOW, and in the precise way they demand. Like the guy puilled over on his Harley, black leathers and all, cop on his right, gun drawn...... the guy makes some move to park the bike, the cop's twitchy finger pulls the trigger.... hits the guy in the neck. Paraplegic. For what? A nervous cop. Of course, no consequences to the cop. But the guy on the bike? Oh my.

Set a pattern that makes housebreaking under force seem "normal", and guess what? Unscrupulous types will mimic the MO but use ot for wrong reasons. Time to reel back in LEO.


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The operative word is "Kicked". A family member or friend is not going to Kick down/open a door. In Kentucky if someone is Kicking on your door attempting to gain entrance you acn shoot them throu the door after proper warning. If you have a question about the identity of someone at your door, call 911.


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I read the replies to this article and am glad that I am no longer in law enforcement. With so much fear factor out there the officer making a 'friendly' visit might just get shot.
Sounds like many of us need to have a refresher on the care and use of our weapons.
You wanted a response from me...!!!! :hang3:

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You're right, this is a good time to be OUT of law enforcement. Cops are viewed by most of the public as bad guys, because their politician masters won't let them be simply Peace Officers any more. Too many are tasked with the primary mission of Revenue Collection.

Maybe it's time to stop all of this dresed-in-black Ninja Storm Trooper BS and behave like Peace Officers.

As to the "ATF" home invasion, it's horrible but not complicated. If armed men dressed in black storm your house, shouting "ATF!" they are either ATF or freelance criminals (or possibly agents of Black Bag type who will never identify themselves).

Most likely you are as dead as most of the unfortunates at Mount Carmel. Die Well.

If they are ATF, they want to terrorize and kill. Your only chance of survival is to kill them first.

If they are freelance criminals, they want to terrorize and kill. Your only chance of survival is to kill them first.

If they are "Black Bag" operatives, they want to kill you. Your only chance of survival is to kill them first.

Do you see a similarity in the logical response, regardless of who they are?

I am old fashioned. When I see a man in creased trousers (often with a stripe), duty belt, pressed shirt, badge, nameplate, and a clean face clearly visible, I believe him to be a Police Officer.

When I see a a black-armored man, heavily armed, likely his face hidden by greasepaint and goggles or a mask, I believe him to be a terrorist. It makes little difference whether he's sponsored by a foreign power or my own government, the appropriate response to terrorism is always the same.

As I said, maybe it's time to stop the black-armored home invasion crap and get back to being Peace Officers.

When the citizenry begins to fight back, the cop will be the visible target. His corrupt and evil politician masters deserve to be the targets, but it is the cop who is out here, visible, often robbing people of the what they need to feed their families, under the guise of "traffic safety" or "drug enforcement."

There is little time left to reverse the trend, to stop the militarization of our Police. Frankly, I see a dark and terrible future.

Hmmm..... this thread has gotten me thinking. I'd better go put some of the Carl Gustav tungsten core AP into the little AR. The "his and hers" shotguns we keep for bear and two legged troublemakers might not be enough.


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I work closely with PD & still am of the opinion that if you come crashing through my door you will be shot on sight.
Too many times in our area no knock warrants have been used that were based on bad intel, & people & their pets have been injured or killed. I find this type of warrant to be overly used / abused with bad results. While I understand that the chances are pretty good that a shoot first policy with a legitimate PD raid will probably cost me my life, I would rather take that chance than be that poor slob that got killed after being fooled by a bunch of slick criminals.I also believe that as this type of activity increases, PD will be more careful in instituting these raids. But yes, screwed if you do, screwed if you don't.


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I personally would rather er on the side of MY safety. Since I KNOW there would not be a reason for banging down my door I would stop the threat and deal with consequences later.

Maybe not the best move but the possible alternative is my and my families death. The only deaths I am not willing to justify.

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