DC man orders TV, gets assault rifle instead


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The stupid ass should have kept his mouth shut and just go out and get another TV, now everyone will know he has a big brand new TV and will come in and rob him, then he'll wish he had the AR-15.


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I'ed hate to be the guy who ordered the AR-15 and got a damed TV instead & you know the DC police aren't goping to give up the gun if thay can get away with it, the'll find some bogus claim to keep it.


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I wonder if he had to sign for the package? If it was left on his door step, there'd be no tracing it. If it was me I'm keeping my mouth shut, sticking it in the vault, callin Amazon and asking "where's my TV?"



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I just saw a blurb about it on the news. Couldn't tell for sure if it was UPS or FedEx, but whoever it was, it seems the label fell off the TV package and the driver found it on the floor and stuck it on the rifle box instead. I guess he didn't look very good at the rifle box to make sure it was missing a label. The rifle was destined for a dealer in Philly the report said. The guy that received it looked as perplexed as a quadruple amputee at a butt-kickin' contest.

Anyway, Amazon had nothing to do with the mistake. Just a driver asleep at the wheel apparently. And the dealer who was supposed to get the AR did not get the TV instead. It was a one-way screw-up.


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