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what a bozo.
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Illustrates something I've been saying for years: People aren't killed accidentally with loaded guns. People are killed accidentally with guns they think are unloaded!

If someone thinks a gun is loaded they treat it with a lot more respect. Makes the case stronger for always, Always, ALWAYS treating a gun as if it's loaded, even if you just unloaded it yourself!!

You can never be "too safe", but you can be a whole lotta "too dead"!
This guy failed to follow two of the most important rules of gun safety. 1. The gun is always loaded. 2. Never point the business end of the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. He was trying to teach gun safety? You can't teach something you don't know or understand yourself.
Had he been teaching that "guns should always be kept loaded that way no one would ever be stupid enough to point one at their head" he would still be alive.
I actually think he did a great job teaching gun safety. I bet the two he was showing it to will NEVER EVER point a gun at there head and pull the trigger. I bet they'll also always treat it as its loaded also, although this teaching method is rough on the instructor.

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