Dallas Driver Says 5 Men Attacked Him At Stop Sign


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This is why you carry everyday.

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Vaughan responded with the only weapon he had -- his car.

"I just floorboarded it and smashed them," he said. "Their car's in a lot worse shape than mine."
If I had three thumbs, I'd put them all in the air for this guy. I can't count the number of times I've heard of idiots exiting their vehicle to confront violent people, or trying in vain to turn around, or getting dragged straight from their vehicle. This guy did it right - inflict damage while staying out of danger, and/or make a hasty retreat.

"You never back a coward into a corner," Vaughan said. "They backed me into a corner."
I agree completely.

Don't give them the satisfaction of a real fight. Disrupt the incident so that it's disappointing to them, and create a massive disincentive for a repeat.

Fighting with someone who wants to fight will just mean that they get what they came for. Screwing everything up by ramming their car or running someone over causes them to lose much more than what they bargained for, and it's completely unfair to boot.
props to that guy.. good for him for keeping a cool head and dealing with the situation in the best way he could.
Yup, even if the victim had been armed, he couldn't have reacted any better than he did!

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