Daily Lobo Editor Opinion: Concealed weapons should be allowed on UNM campus


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On the news this morning, I heard another woman was attacked on the UNM campus. This time the attacker was a homeless man, most likely drunk.

A shiver went down my spine, because I was approached by three large, seemingly homeless men on Thursday. One said in an aggressive manner, "Hey, how 'bout a little bed and breakfast?" as he lurched toward me. I swerved around them and hurried to my building. With the loud construction nearby, I don't think anyone noticed and certainly couldn't have heard.

This sort of situation is typical for a lot of women at UNM, local bars or anywhere on Central Avenue. I believe it's time to be allowed to even the playing field. I want a fighting chance when three drunk, 250-pound men approach me shouting lewd comments. Everywhere else in the city, I am allowed to conceal and carry my Kel-Tec .380, but when I come to work, I have to leave it in my night stand and hope I can run fast. I only weigh 125 pounds, and against any normal-sized man, I don't stand a chance.

I respect and admire the police, on campus and off, but they cannot be everywhere at once. As they cruise the campus perimeter in their squad cars, the best they can do is take a report when the crime is over. It's physically impossible to see everything and be everywhere. This is why I would like the chance to defend myself.

I have a concealed-carry license for New Mexico, yet I am helpless nine hours a day at my own work. I am a UNM alumna as well, and I know what it is like to walk the campus during the winter when it is dark after 5 p.m. - it's scary. I was so terrified, I usually ran to my dorm.

Stand together women, and demand your right to level the playing field, to have that edge when your life is at stake. Get your concealed-carry license and have a fighting chance.

I implore President David Schmidly to research the success rates of self-defense with a handgun and allow staff members, professors, students and security to conceal and carry a weapon at UNM to level the playing field against violent and arrogant criminals and to stand a chance for once. The other way is not working.

Jean Aragon
UNM staff

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Carry On Campus

I think the same could be said about NMSU in Las Cruces as well. All who have the New Mexico CCW
license should be not just allowed but welcomed to carry on ALL University property.

I don't know if Gov. Richardson would go for it or not. I can't figure him out.

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