Dad's not allowed to touch my gun again!


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From the man who bought me my first BB gun & taught me to shoot, I expected MUCH different results.

I'm at the house for Mother's Day, and we've already eaten lunch. Dad sees my Beretta in the holster (I open carry at reason not to) and he gets giddy.....LEMME SEE YOUR GUN, LEMME SEE YOUR GUN! HOW DO YOU GET IT OUT OF THE HOLSTER (grabs the grip and wiggles).

I explain it's a retention holster and the gun will only come out if it's drawn.....

Drop the magazine & extract the chamber round.....(You don't have to do that, he says)

Uhh, yeah I do.

I hand it to him.

He starts waving it around like an idiot, & its muzzle points at everyone in the room at least twice.


Ha ha ha ha ha........Then he opens his damn mouth and acts like he's going to stick it in....LIKE A DAMN JOKE!

Well at this point, mom gets pissed, I'm already pissed, & I snatch the gun away from him and pretty much HORESECUSS him. A few "F" bombs were dropped as a sign of my complete and utter disapproval.

Needless to say, until he relearns the respect for guns he always taught me, Dad will NOT handle any firearms in my presence.....especially MINE.

I hate to say this but this could be a sign of possible health issues, any change in behavior is a primary indicator, how old is he, and when did he have his last checkup?
He's turning 60 this is fine. I think he just had a Cranial/Rectal episode. Either way...he's not touching my guns for a while.
Booze, drugs and mental impairment is what I thought of when I read this thread.

If your Dad is not on mind altering drugs, was not intoxicated, then that only leaves a mental condition. Does he have some medical condition that can alter his mental capacity? Diabetes is one that comes to mind. If he was hypoglycemic he could very easily acted the way you described. Also, it could be a sign of another condition, like Alzhiemer's or dementia.

Do your Dad a favor and have him checked out by a "qualified" Medical person. Then, if it is determined that he was just "acting the fool" you would do well to keep "Dear Old Pop" away from any and all firearms.

well I feel sorry for you either way.. whether it was a health issue.. or if it was just a very sad attempt at a very unfunny joke... I don't blame you for taking his privileges away..
Do your Dad a favor and have him checked out by a "qualified" Medical person. Then, if it is determined that he was just "acting the fool" you would do well to keep "Dear Old Pop" away from any and all firearms.


A huge +1 on that as a guy that is getting up there your dad sounds like he could be having some issues, thongs break down and getting your him to a qualified doctor could just save the life of someone you love.

Edit; please get him to a doctor and go with, if it is nothing then all you have given up is a little cash and time.
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It all depends on how he normally is, of course...but if my dad did that, I'd definitely get his head checked.

Kudos to you for posting on it, though...I'd be too embarrassed to tell anyone.
My father

My dad had his conceal carry in Florida from when it started and he was about 70 when he got it. He was 80 when my mom passed and started talking about ending his long life because he missed my mother. We had to make a decision to take away his gun. Felt we had no other choice. After he passed away we found he had another gun anyway. I guess he really never meant it, but you never know.
"...having some issues, thongs break down and getting..."

A visual I didn't need first thing in the morning...

Sorry, couldn't resisit... :10:


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