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Ok folks,I have been in this sort of funk for a while now. I have reached the point where I dont know what sort of firearm I would want to purchase next. Everyone in the house is armed to the teeth,me,wife,kids. We all have at least one firearm,and more. So you see my predicament. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I was lusting over an M1A NM while I was up in North Carolina but my wife said if I brought it home she was going to shoot me with it. They wouldnt sell it to me anyway (darn Gander Mtn). Have any of you ever dealt with this? I think I may be hitting that mid life crisis I hear people talk about on tv. I just need a little help. And I am open to suggestions. :sarcastic:

Does everyone under your roof have at least one semi-automatic rifle chambered in a common military caliber (5.56 NATO, 7.62x39, etc.) and one sidearm?

If not, then you are not armed to the teeth. I would suggest preparing for engaging more than a BG trying to rob your TV. Things are looking like they might get rough in the next few years, it would be wise to have a good battle rifle. I would try to convince the Mrs. that it is worth the money to prepare for the future. M1A would be a fine choice. :biggrin: Just my 2 cents.
I'd have to know what firearms you have now to help, but the advice from Cooter is solid. A battle rifle is a must. My next purchase is a M1A or Socom 16. I want something with more oomph than my AR15 and Sig 556. Although my AR will be a lot more potent when the 6.8 SPC upper arrives. :biggrin:
I'm thinking 5.56 AR's OR common pistol caliber carbines are the best way to go for those particularly doom and gloom preparations. The pistol caliber options are also attractive for those who anticipate house-based firefights.
you cant go wrong with the m1a its a solid rifle. I love mine. unless you plan to shoot in matches which fewer people are useing that platform to do i would just buy the standard m1a or a socom version. my standard m1a with quality ammo normallly can hold tighter groups than most shooters are capable of. they are accurate right out of the box. spend that extra money in magazines. and a decent scope base:biggrin:
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