CZ Rami 2075 9mm vs. .40 cal ?

Stewart Chang

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Hello everyone..........

I'm considering this handgun as a CCW. Anyone have any experience in shooting and/or carrying this handgun. Any preference in caliper for this handgun?

Thanks in advance.


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I owned the CZ Rami in .40 ACP for many years. Loved the gun, and after a polishing job on the feed ramp, han no issues with FTF or FTE's. The only reason sold was a person was looking for one and he had something else I wanted so we traded. The RAMI is a great CCW gun once well broken in. Mine was all metal, not the polymer version. Good luck with the RAMI if you so choose to get one. Like I said, I loved mine.


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I have carried the CZ 2075 in 9mm for several years now. I prefer the 9mm in a gun this size simply due to the recoil difference vs the .40. It's all personal preference of course. The RAMI has ate every thing that I fed through it from Critical defense to HP to reloads and, after the break in period, have had no issues with the gun. Mine has the alloy frame so it is a little heavier than the poly frame. The little extra weight is a comfort to me. Again, it's all personal preference. Hope this helps a little with your decision. Good luck, you can't go wrong with the CZ as a EDC choice, IMHO. :biggrin:

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