Cx4 Storm and Beretta 92


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My Cx4 Storm needs a buddy so I am probably going to opt for the 92FS Inox (no one in my area has the M9A1).
Does anyone CC this gun or one as large as this? Looking for any advice if I want to carry it. Not choosing this to carry but I would like to have the option so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions on what to accessorize the Cx4 with? MRD? Light? Bi pod etc.
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I don't have a 92, but I have CCWd a 1911 full size and a Ruger P90 which are as large.

The disadvantages are, obviously, size and print. A larger weapon is a bit harder to conceal well unless it is under a coat. The best concealment I had was with a shoulder rig. The guns were more noticeable using belt attached holsters. The size is more about weight than anything else.

The advantage is a larger weapon and the feel that some get from handling a larger weapon. To many, this doesn't matter, but to some, it makes a difference.

Then again, anything I mentioned may not be of concern to you. Everyone is different.

As to accessories, everyone can tell you what they feel is the best accessories to mount on a carry pistol. Personally, none of my pistols have any accessories. I guess it shows how "old school" I am. If you are proficient to any degree, just the weapon should be enough. Now, I do have a green laser and light on my AR-15. Both of long guns are set up tactical, shotgun also. Accessorizing pistols can change the availability of hoslters, more for some makes & models than others. That might be a consideration to you, might not.

Just FYI, the full size 1911 is for sale and the Ruger has been relegated to home defense. I carry either a 1911 Combat Commander or a Beretta 9000s.
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Thanks for the info WJN. Only looking to do up the cx4 carbine. What 1911 are you selling. Thinking about buying a used one and sending it out to be completely redone.
I have a couple of Beretta 92's and a Beretta 92 Compact, which is no longer made. The Compact is pretty handy and somewhat smaller in the grip length and barrel/slide length. I have carried the Compact in CCW back in my LEO days. Several Officers in this area carried the 92, which was the issue gun in their department. On a special narcotics assignment with those officers, I needed a full size type gun, but needed some concealment. I trained with the compact 92 for a few days to get the feel of it, and carried it, because I could use the 92 mags as a backup/ reload, and be compatable with the other officers on the detail. I carried it in a Milt Sparks waistband holster just behind the hip, under a windbreaker.
I also have a CX4 that uses the 92 mags. Could be a handy combination having a Beretta pistol and carbine using the same mags and ammo.
I don't personally carry the 92 myself for CCW but I am close friends with a former SF soldier that insists on carrying one for his daily CCW.
I am kinda curious about this as well. I have a renewed interest in the 92. Originally I was looking at the Jericho 941, but maybe down the road a bit for that. I would like to find an M9 or civi 92, but like to know how it can be concealed since it is full frame.

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