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I ordered my CB ST last week and am wondering... will I need one of those super-stiff holster belts for it? I realize this may depend on the weight/size of the weapon. I have an XD40 service (4" barrel). Strong belt required? Any inexpensive suggestions?


I have two of them and wear standard dress or Western style belts. The standard clips can handle a belt up to 1 3/4".

The holster is almost 9" wide and the clips are about 8" apart making it very stable. That said I probably wouldn't try wearing a webbed or other very light/thin belt.

I carry a Glock 27 in mine. You do want to make sure the belt is snug though as the weight of my Glock tends to pull that side down a little if not.
I haven't used mine with anything but a belt from the beltman I would figure it would eventually start to sag just like anything else after extended use. Even my belt with a kydex stiffner in it is starting to warp a bit. But I've worn it every day since I bought it 2 years ago. You don't notice it unless its sitting on a table. I would recommend a good gun belt anyway. I think they're more comfortable.
A good gunbelt will be more comfortable due to the way its rigidity will help distribute the gun's weight.
Got the Bianchi B5 black leather holster belt for $39 from Midway. Received it Monday and after carrying for 2 evenings out on the town... it makes a huge difference. Well, at least with my Blackhawk Sportster holster it does.

Still waiting on the supertuck to arrive... probably another 10 days or so.

If you're questioning it like I was, spend the $40 or so and get a quality belt. FYI, my buddy ordered the Hunter brand belt, 1.5" wide and it's too flexible. Nice belt, but not stiff enough for OWB holstering. He's sending it back to get something else.
Good suggestion, abock.

I have to second abock on his/her suggestion of The Belt Man. ( Gun Belts by The Belt Man )

They make a fantastic product that not only looks good and is more comfortable, but will improve your draw. Loose or sagging belts do not hold the pistol as snugly as a quality gunbelt. I use a Belt Man belt in conjunction with my Crossbreed Supertuck, and it is an ideal combo, IMHO.

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