Crimson Trace or LaserMax?

What Lasers Do You Prefer?

  • Crimson Trace

    Votes: 36 73.5%
  • Lasermax

    Votes: 9 18.4%
  • Other

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Where are you getting that faulty info? I've had my CTs get totally soaked numerous times. It's never failed over 5 years and 2 trips overseas. In fact, the rubber had worn down some to where I had to tape it back in 2004 and the company replace it for free.

Found this right off the company web site so it's surprising what the "company" told you....

Thats what they told me when i called in to get more product information. They sent me to the right department and i went down the list of things i wanted to know. I asked if it was water proof and they said no. They said it would hold up in the rain if you had to work traffic detail or something ( if you are a cop). They then told me when you get home be sure to take it apart and clean it or you my kill it over time. If you search youtube people will say the same thing. I have also yet to see a water test of a CST unit. on the other hand you have people taking the laser max unit and soaking it in water for a set time and showing that it still works. I do not own laser max or crimson trace. If i had to buy one it would have to be Crimson trace as laser max does not yet make one for the carry gun I'M getting. I will see if i can find the e-mail they sent me on the same matter.

Tex from Hawaii was absolutely correct, sent for the DVD and other material for teh Crimson trace, and one of theinstructors speaking on the DVD said yur foinger would block te aser beam if it was in the proper position until you were ready to fire. This helps prevent the one thing people have eld against laser sights, that they give away your position. If it is dark enough to worry about giving away your position, it is too dark to be launching deadly projectiles around wily-nilly. try sending to Crimson trace fortheir information package, instead of lstening to people who do not know the product.. most of them here know it, but a few don't.

Picked up that info at the Shot Show. I thought I was doing something wrong and then the rep told me how it worked. It's a pretty neat feature.
My only issue with the finger blocking the laser is I was trained to ALWAYS have my trigger finger (index) along the frame of the weapon, not in the trigger guard, nor around the trigger guard.

It seems as though crimson trace laser-grips force your finger to rest along the trigger guard. Know what they say about teachin' an old dog new tricks? lol..

Your index finger blocks the laser when your finger is along the slide. Check out their web site and you should be able to see how it works. My model is one of the older ones and does not use this feature. The new model that uses this feature is much better.

S&W wrote:

They then told me when you get home be sure to take it apart and clean it or you my kill it over time. If you search youtube people will say the same thing.

I am not sure how you take a CT apart. You can take it off the grip and clean it that that what you mean? The only time I took off my 1st one was to send it back for excessive wear. I don't think you really have to worry about the waterproofing of the CT. They will work just fine in any environment.
Have you considered the Link Removed?

They sell holsters for your Glock equipped with their laser.

Link Removed
I have a Crimson Trace for my Kimber Ultra Carry I love it. I can also change it over to the other 1911 officers models I have. I also have a set for a colt detective model 38 for my wife.
Well I have a set on a S&W Mod. 686 and I had an adjustment problem with them after owneing them for over 6 year's. I called Crimson Trace and spoke to a rep and was informed to send them back for repair. I did and I got them back in about 2 week's and with an extra set of batteries at no charge. About 4 day's later I received a call from a young lady named Heidi, she wanted to know if my grip's were now working properly and if there was anything else that the company could do for me. I spent awhile speaking to her about my Glock 22 and about the grip's and how the laser would work on it. (she had such a sweet voice) anyway I am now getting 3 more set's of Crimson Trace grip's 1 for myself 1 for my daughter and 1 for my son both who are Police Officers and carry Glock #22 in .40 Cal.
If you have any questions and or problems I suggest you give Heidi a call at 1-503-783-5333

P.S. say hello from me Bill Hurley A.K.A. SgtBill Crimson Trace Is The Way to Go
none of the above, im not a fan of lasers on pistols, i think night sights are the best option, but thats just my opinion
none of the above, im not a fan of lasers on pistols, i think night sights are the best option, but thats just my opinion

It is nice to be young and have great eyesight but when you are old like me with not so great eye sight the Crimson Trace is a God Send. You can clearly see the RED DOT in both daylight and at night. I again highly recomend the C.T. for all people that want to protect themselves and or their family. As for Law Enforcement no one should be without one,

P.S. I also have NIGHT SIGHT'S on my GLOCK md# 22 they don't help me.
I'm looking to get one a laser sighting system for my gun and I like that lasermax is internal but I've read that they only last about 1000 rounds due to the recoil. At $300+ that concerns me, anyone have a good/bad story about the recoil and lasermax?

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