Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Glock 23


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Crimson Trace also sent me their LG-619 which fits the Glock 23 for me to do a product review on. I am REALLY excited about this one. I hope to include some video footage in this review as well.

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I wish Crimson Trace would make a set of laser grips with the laser on the left side for us left handers. When using the two-handed grip taught by most instructors (including myself), a left handed person's thumbs tend to block the laser rendering it ineffective. From the looks of the LG-619 in the photo, it appears to stick out a bit far on the right side of the handgun and would tend to interfere with holstering the gun in either of my IWB holsters.

This becomes very disconcerting when trying to pick up the target in a hurry. The only two options I have are a rail mounted laser on the G19 which is bulky, requires a special holster, and requires a conscious effort to turn it on which sort of negates it's usefulness and one of the very expensive guide rod replacement lasers which also is somewhat difficult to turn on in a SHTF situation.

Maybe someday CT will decide to help out us lefties.
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I was thinking the same exact thing about this but then thought it might actually help. I haven't finished my full review but I noticed that I usually can't stop the laser from coming on when I'm gripping it normally. I've also been trained to keep my finger indexed so it blocks the laser unless I move it slightly down. I thinking this may help from shooting the laser out when you really don't want to. I do say that I liked how the grips are on my dad's Beretta 96 since there's the button on the sides you can use to active with your finger.
I had the same problem with my finger blocking the laser when out of the trigger guard. The laser that fits in the slide seems good .

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