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So assuming I don't have a "evil black gun" of any sort, what do you use in and around your home? I have my Mossy 500 shortened, and my 336 30-30. They both work for me until I get some sort of "evil"/assault rifle.

Home defense

Actually your mossy and 30-30 would serve you well. Pick up a good 22 and you would be in good shape.

If you just need a "patriot rifle" get something that you can buy enough ammo to stockpile without going broke.
(7.62x39, .223/5.56)

I like my Saiga AK chambered in .223/5.56, or my Mini-30, or my SKS.... I will have an AR soon.

If I had it to do over I would buy the AR first.
My personal favorites are a sensible handgun (9mm or a .40) and or a 5+ round shotgun for HD. I prefer a handgun that isn't hard to control or overpowering. I have to have trijicon sights. My belief is that the well aimed shot is more important than the size of the round and this becomes most important in low light engagements. Good ole 00 buck in the 870.
As far as my home goes I feel large caliber and hot loads are more of a liability. Honestly 00 buck is extreme in a home and probably best suited for outside. But outside engagements bring on a whole different set of legal woes.
I had a Marlin 30-30 when I was young and its length was awesome but I'd be hard pressed to use it in my home! But then again, I'd use what I had to protect my family or myself. I guess the key is weapon proficiency.

As far as a rifle goes I like my Uzi. Its in carbine form for now. Soon to SBR.
So assuming I don't have a "evil black gun" of any sort, what do you use in and around your home? I have my Mossy 500 shortened, and my 336 30-30. They both work for me until I get some sort of "evil"/assault rifle.

I would say add a service/full size handgun and what you have will work fine for home defense. I have an AR15 but I look at it more as a fun toy I get to play with at the range and at classes. If I ever have to resort to using that in self defense something has gone REALLY REALLY wrong. I have a service size XD-45 and a 18.5" Mossberg 500 persuader that I consider to be my home defense package. The Mossberg sits beside my bed and the XD is normally within arms reach. If possible I'm going to grab the Mossberg. 00 buck sprays 9 to 12 .32 caliber pellets with each pull of the trigger. The likelihood of me connecting using that at inside distances is pretty good. Not to mention the metal factor of getting shot with a shotgun. But with both I'm not overly concerned about over penetration where as an AK or AR I would be. Living in a more populated area, a good rifle is a must to round out you defense package but would not be the first thing I would grab for home defense.

This is kind of what I'm using:

My go to's would be either:
My service size XD-45 or Mossberg 500

Next, or if things were really bad:
The AR15 or AK47

Then to round off the package:
My Savage 10fp .308 for long range precision
I'm outside city lim, whichits, in the country a bit. i have my P11 9mm which is my CCW, it's not my primary "bump in the night" weapon". I keep it out with me for middle of the day "bumps" I go to it if need be. My primary HD gun is my shortened Mossy 12ga. I have 2 22lr, and tube fed and a bolt action for varmints. And a Browning buckmark 22.
I go to my Mossy for back yard "bumps", and most of the front yard. I'll only got the the 336 for larger front yard defence. Such as larger commotions out front that may require the use of a fire arm. Some one coming to my house looking for "trouble", larger "varmint" animals, and the 2 legged kind. I see now immediate reason to need the 336 to be chasing someone down with my 336, unless the perp has already killed or severely injured some one in my house, or some neighbors house that I am assiting in.
I don't see using my 336 for anything other than an invasion of rogue deer or the expected zombie uprising.
MY H.D long gun is the old Ithaca 37 shotgun if a rifle is needed it's either my SKS or #5 short magazine lee enfield in .303 British. If things get to the rifle than there is something seriously wrong.
I currently have a Benelli M2 with a Surefire light.

But i bought a Remiington 700 awhile back,and need some money to recoup that.I got an offer for the Benelli,so i may sell it and buy a Stoeger side by side with a rail.

What do yall think of using the double barrel for HD? It would have a light on it,and i could reload quickly over and over again with my bandoleer.
I recently picked up a Scatter Gun Technologies (Rem 870) from a Police trade in at a local dealer. You can't ask for a better pump gun than Scatter Gun Tech. Scatter Gun Tech does more to the gun than just add a Surefire light and fancy Choate stock. The action is so smooth it's like butter. The shells eject much straighter and further than a standard 870 and the trigger is much more smooth. Safety is also a large head so it's much easier to disengage in the dark with just tactile feel.

I was sporting the Benelli M1. It's now back in it's case in the safe.
I have a Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine (16" barrel) in 9mm w/30 round magazine, red dot sight on top, Surefire light mounted at 6'oclock (bottom) with finger pressure switch.

I have several AR's but don't really feel good about using them in the home with 3 kids age 6 and under. There is some great 9mm ammo out there that will do the job and not go through several walls too. Training is the best defense. Learn to hit what you want under serious duress is always better than spray and pray in the home...or anywhere, really. :biggrin:
My neighbors would not approve of me using my AR15 for home defense. Way too risky to throw those rounds at a BG.

.45 is the home defense choice if I'm not carrying something else.
I am building an AR style carbine for home defense. Wil be using a collapsable stock, 8" barrel with suppressor. I have hundreds of hours of tactical carbine shooting, and maybe a dozen hours with a handgun. And I know under combat conditions I will be far far more accurate with a carbine. I will be going either 6.8 or 7.62
Beretta XC4 45 ACP with light and foregrip. Only 8 rounds in a mag but it should be enough. It's a great gun, very reliable and easy to shoot and packs a punch. Also have a XD9 as back up.

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