Coyote Hunt 10 1 09


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My brother and I went over to a dairy farmer friend of mine and tried to thin out the coyote population. This is the results of our third set up. First one was shot at about 160-180 yards on the trot,I was rested on a strand of barbed wire. Thought I'd missed because immediately after the shot I lost sight of him from recoil and saw the second one. He stopped after my brother hit the call again at about 120-140 yards. I was standing up behind a fence row and had to take the shot off hand. Kinda surprised myself when he folded up. Think I know why varmint rifles have bi-pods on em now. I'd just as soon be lucky as good.

very nice.. sounds like a lot of fun. I wanted to go after some when I lived in utah with my AK but never got the chance unfortunately. obviously I wouldn't have been taking shots quite at that distance though with an AK. but would have been fun I'm sure. what caliber were you using?

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