Cowhide or Horsehide

I can't really comment on "High Noon" holsters. But, I have several "Supertucks"; both horsehide & cowhide. The "Horsehide" is definitely cooler & more comfortable in high heat and humidity,


I have a number of High Noon Holsters. Most are Cowhide. As my body shape doesn't really lend itself to IWB, I own several versions of the Slide Guard for different pistols as they are OWB (I never tuck my shirt). I do own a Public Secret in Horsehide which is IWB. Most all of my Holsters are 15 degree cant, because as stated hides the gun butt better. The Public Secret however is a O-zero cant.

All statements regarding Horsehide being the tighter grain and therefore more resistant to moisture is right on the money, and is therefore a tad more money to purchase. My experience with High Noon Holsters has been great. I hate the waiting 12 weeks or so to get their holsters, but they are worth it when you get them. However, do check out the in stock holsters as sometimes you can find something there and not have to wait.
I've never owned a horsehide holster & don't know anything about working leather.

I do know, however, that while on the animal, cowhide is much tougher. A horse can just about walk near a barbed wire fence & get a cut. They are surprisingly fragile.

I also see that this thread is now over a year old.

Robert in the hills of Tennessee
i have a crossbreed super tuck in horeshide. i live in texas and so far has lasted a full summer still looking the same. id spend the extra $$$ and go horsehide.
summer crusier

Do your self a favor and check out El Paso Saddlery co. and look @ the summer crusier !! I just got one , it took two try for me to get it FEDex lost the first one but I got the second and i love it . Top guality it has a high gaurd on it up against your skin and they will make it for most or all guns and specifiy cant !!
Yes Horsehide!

I have a cross breed ST in both horse hide and leather, wore the leather one on a two week trip to FL and the humidity (sweat) did effect how stiff the holster was after wearing 10-12 hours per day. My next trip out I took the horse hide ST and it was not affected that I could tell, If you sweat much I would always spend the extra $15 for the horse hide option on the ST.

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