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Seems like every day I see another article about someone suing a local government for something stupid. The latest was a teenager who was texting on her phone and stepped into an open manhole.
A few years back I made a suggestion to several people in the NRA (Including then president John Siegler Who lives near me).
My suggestion was to encourage, and possible provide a list of lawyers to victims of repeat offenders.
If a man is convicted of armed robbery, is released early from a minimum sentence and then re-offends should we hold the judge, the state, the parole board and anyone else involved accountable?
If I am forced to kill a "prohibited person" should I take a chunk out of the a$$es of those responsible for putting him back on the street and in my sights?

some cities and politicians have tried to destroy the firearms industry by suing them into oblivion, turnabout is fair play. Sara Palin is stepping down due to lawsiuts perhaps we can get rid of some of the dead wood this way.


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Apparently, any lawsuit against the government for something they did with "reasonable attempts at safety, good intention, etc." will be tossed. They can screw up all they want, and all your recourse against them can fit in the ballot box.
I already believe this country is over litigated. To be able to sue because of your own inattention to the surroundings only proves this. A settlement will probably be reached in the case which will only add fire to more law suits. Anytime someone can sue because they climbed to the very top step of a step ladder and injured themselves, or because they buy hot coffee and spill it on themselves, or because they break into a house and are crippled by the owner defending their family something is terribly wrong. The same goes for suing a gun manufacturer for misuse of their product. Becoming just like them is not the answer. The answer is in getting the laws changed.
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Using the law against them might be the way to start the change, they need to be held accountable. Judges and lawyers arent elected so the ballot box wont work on them. Not sure about parole boards but i am willing to bet that those are apponited positions. Yes the law makers are the ones who can create the strongest changes but it is the folks that are enforcing the laws, passing weak sentances. I keep reading about possible maximum penalties, what we need are stong no bullshit MINIMUM penalties. No deal, no plea,no negotiation. Arresst, prove guilty and imprision or put to death ( the only way to be sure that a "person prohibited" wont do it again). Why should I have to be the one who imposes the "Maximum penalty" in my own home when the ba$tard has done it twice before?

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