Could this be the beginning?


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Anybody know what happens to people in some countrys that have more than 1 or 2 kids, they get fixed so they can't have all...permenatly,... but no not here, have all the kids you want then live off puplic assistance, then of course piss and moan when the money dries up, I'm going to hush up on this now cause if I say any more Luke may slap my hand, lets just say its a very sore subject


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And it's going to get even more intense as the budgets get cut due to the lack of tax collection from the workers.

These same 'citizens' go home in their car, to their air conditioned home (section 8 housing?) turn on the cable TV, sit down in their comfy chair, get on their cell phone, call their baby's daddy and ***** about how they had to "fight" to get their latest government handout.

Hell! If they would put as much effort into their own education as they do into getting those stamps, they probably wouldn't be in line for stamps. It is the mentality that needs to be changed.

Our government has created a huge under class of people that are completely dependent. But in doing so it has also created a guaranteed voting block. As long as the gubment gives, they vote for it.

The original intent of 'welfare' was to give the citizen a leg up on survival until they could recover from whatever it is that put them there in the first place. Today it is a way of life.

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I sincerely hope these people whose welfare stamps were cut out will now have a good think about the broken promise of the guv'ment and find a job, a real one so they can feed their kids. Many will probably resort to crimes to feed their kids. It is easier...


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I wonder it the 6 different fathers of the lady with 6 kids are helping out in some way ( oops did I think that out loud )

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Gentlemen, when you have developed a system that rewards counter cultural/family behavior AND that behavior is the singular, easiest and fastest way to acquire an income stream, without working for it....



Grognard Gunny

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By the way..... I REALLY find it hard to believe that one in seven Americans are in imminent danger of starving to death. (Based on number receiving "food stamps".) Especially when the highest incidence of obesity in America is found in the lower income brackets. Go figure!



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To the lady that said she wasnt gonna take no for an answer, i think you should have said no just a few times in your life. She really felt that was her money and that she deserved it. This report is disgusting but is a sign of things to come. There is no way to cut entitlements in this country without riots and bloodshed. It is coming and will make England and Greece look like kindergarten.

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