Costco has a no firearms policy!

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Maybe this is already common knowledge, but it shocked me this weekend to learn that Costco has a company- wide policy that no firearms are allowed in their stores. I called and spoke at length with a manager about this policy, and he stated that corporate believed it to be for the "safety and comfort of the customers."

My questions are:

Will the customers feel "safe" knowing that only people willing to violate store policy (e.g., bad guys) will be armed in the store?


Does it make the customers "comfortable" knowing that the only thing between them and the bad guys is a strongly worded sign?

Then I thought of a couple more...

Is your store assuming responsibility for the safety and protection of all customers?


Do the basic human/American rights end at Costco's doors?

And...more of a statement...

If you believe a sign will keep all the guns out, that must be one hell of a sign!

I plan on writing a well-crafted letter to Costco executive management, combined with a request to cancel my membership. Please spread the word. Just as they have the right to run their "club" however they wish, we also have the right to shop wherever we wish. Let this business die as a result of this anti-2A philosophy.

As for me and my family, we will not give another cent to Costco until this policy is reversed.


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You should.

I have a few friends and family that work at Costco. Some carry while working. They have been confronted by their manager, and they basically said "no, you can't protect all of us, we are going to carry." My friends coworker, I have never met, apparently now carries two openly because of the confrontation. The Manager did nothing, they all still work there. It might be company policy, but certain stores seem to have manager discretion on the matter.
I've stopped shopping at Costco for several years due to the anti-firearms policy as well as some other issues I've had with them. Sam's Club seems to be able to supply me well and has no problem with me having my guns in their stores.

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I've stopped shopping at Costco for several years due to the anti-firearms policy as well as some other issues I've had with them. Sam's Club seems to be able to supply me well and has no problem with me having my guns in their stores.
Same here. We have a Costco almost side by side with SAMs and we never bother about Costco either. And nikkisamantha1 Ace Hardware here near where we live do not have a no-gun policy, so we go there every now and then for a quick run.


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Is this a new policy? If so it is probably a result of the well publicized and discussed incident at the Las Vegas Costco and if so I doubt that you are going to change their minds. Sams Club is fine with me especially since I don't have a Costco close by.


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I haven't noticed the required sign outside the Costco here in Henderson, Nv. Perhaps I just missed it.

Nonetheless, I carry concealed in Costco all the time.

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Well ill tell you, this one was in Nevada, which is an open carry, generally very gun friendly, state! I couldn't believe it. Just wanted to make my brothers and sisters in arms aware of this so that our combined voices could be heard on this.


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If this is a corporate policy then either not all of the stores abide by it or Costco is breaking the law in Arizona. I've never seen the required sign at the ones I've been to here either.


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Don't shop at ace hardware in North Royalton. Seen the sign there.

The Ace Hardware in the town where I work sells gun, ammo, targets, all kinds of shooting supplies. The COSTCO in the town where I live has no gunbuster signs and I conceal carry there all the time with no issues. Something about concealed seems to make that easier than open carry, although I open carry most other places - like the Ace Hardware I mentioned :).


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I live in colorado and rocky mountain gun owners has educated some store managers and they have changed there policies and taken down there signs in several stores


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Hmmm, food for thought here. I can either continue CCW there or stay out and spend my money elsewhere... It's my choice either way, not Costco's.


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Here in Vermont our Cosco hasn't really done anything about it. I have been there several times Open carry. No one said anything to me.


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I went to the Costco at approx. 83rd and Bell (Peoria?) and they DO have the no guns sign up.... Sam's is VERY close....

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