Cops shoot home owner not intruder.

Am glad he is going to make a recovery--at least he was not shot 60 times like the incident just a couple weeks back. Cowboy cops do not need a badge--they stink up the whole system. And it does not need that kind of bad PR right now. The cops can clear him if they wish but I hope he gets sued personally. Having a badge does not give him the right to nearly kill/kill people. Maybe if he loses all his assets other LEOs will take notice.

Headline says "Cop Accidentally Shoots Man!" Poppycock. There's no such thing as an accidental shooting of SIX ROUNDS." Shot in the back? Shot while on the floor? No verbal warning? LEO made aware that the homeowner has the gun holding the suspect before entering? No charges on the LEO? This officer must be removed. The department must be sued into oblivion. Send a message.

While I don't know the specifics of the circumstances, my fist impression leaves me thinking the LO is at fault.

Maybe if the home owner was shot one time it might have been considered an accident. A trained officer shooting the homeowner six times is a deliberate act of violence. It is my opinion the officer should be permanently removed from his position. And possibly some his supervisors should be reprimanded and retrained as well to insure similar situations do not happen again in the future.
This came up some time ago, and one of the on scene officers chimed in. The officers were not responding to the 911 call nor did they know one had occurred. They were in hot pursuit of the suspect who was presumed to be armed and dangerous. When they followed him into the home they saw a man with a gun being pointed at another man, and made an erroneous conclusion as to who was who. The dragging of the man out of the house was no different than what they would do to a downed officer, and the "I'll back you up" comment makes a lot more sense if you understand that the mistake was the result of rather incredible circumstances and the officer was simply saying they wouldn't throw him under the bus to simplify the mess. Holding the department liable for medical costs and lost wages is reasonable, but beyond that the family needs to stop boobing.

I'm bumping this. There is a reason the police turn a blind eye to stories like this. This is why. People read the half baked mostly lies rendition from the mass media and want to crucify the cops. When they are cleared of wrong doing in a court where actual facts come into play, the media ignores it. Then when there are legitimate abuses, the cops have a boy who cried wolf response to it. I wasn't there, but just a few alleged details change the story a whole lot. Jumping to conclusions when peoples lives and livelihoods are at stake isn't cool.

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