cops dont agree with OC


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Of Course They Don't

Because they get stupid calls like this one! Good lord!! This is an excellent example of why I choose not to open carry. There are too many scared rabbits out there with 911 on speed dial. The instant they see a gun.... guess what? You are going to be detained and delayed! On the flip side, if more people did open carry, it could possibly gain social acceptance. Now the city is going to pass out those stupid, illogical "gun free zone" signs and make everybody in those establishments defenseless.


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Thank goodness I live in KY where e those signs don't mean crap. even though I carry concealed I like to have the option to open carry. I agree if more people did carry openly there wouldn't be as big as a fuss. The problem is the media "brainwashing" the guns are bad theme into everyone. It is sad that most people don't know the laws of the state that they live in and other states around them.


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Those signs don't mean crap in Indiana either, other than I'll be taking my business elsewhere. I don't agree with the police contacting area businesses to tell them to pus up these helpful, free signs. I understand that the law is the law and it's the proprietor's choice, and the proprietors are citizens to, but what is the Leftist mantra? "The greatest freedom for the greatest number?" Well, there are more non-proprietors/customers than there are business-owner/proprietors. The police have no business promoting one group of citizens exercise a power to restrict another group of citizens.

Here in my town, I've only ever seen two of those variety of signs up, aside from the courthouse and the post office, and they're both in places people would go if they're unemployed. I wonder if there's a connection there. Unemployment... CCW... Unemployment... CCW... I'll have to ruminate on that question a while longer.

And yes, we definitely need more people OC and CC, and making our presence as freedom loving non-lemmings known to desensitize the non-gun owning/lemmings so that MWG calls aren't wasting the police dept.'s time.


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What I do not understand is WHY would someone believes that a BG would be carrying his gun in a holster on his side. DUH!!! Maybe I have seen to many movies - or maybe some common sense should apply here. I am here in TN, we are OC or CC - if I see someone walking into a place of business and they OC - I do not think OMG he is going to rob the place. I think, WOW someone else like me.... someone who legally can and does carry. I feel twice as safe. :fie:


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Too much Hollywood brainwashing BS of the sheep. I would rather see someone open carry as a deterrent than just sit there waiting to be robbed.


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I would like to know if the person who stated "We as a city and a Police Department don't agree with it" is authorized to speak on every councilman, and every Police officer? May as well have said "we don't beleive in the constitution" in my opinion.

Also, "he looked pre-occupied with what everyone else was doing". I've carried openly on duty and as a private person and I'm ALWAYS scanning. I find it my responsibility to retain my weapon and being aware is step 1.

It is sad that law abiding citizens are forced to carry a tape recorder for incidents such as this.

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