Cop Shoots BG 22 times with a .40 and hits him 17 times COM but BG still shoots Cop..

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4 times!

Amazing story of survival. Never Give Up!

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If nothing else it points out that the 1 shot stop is an aberration. A pistol is a poor excuse to take to a gunfight. It beats nothing but that's about all.
One of the most important parts of the analysis section is...
Although we have a powerful built-in survival instinct that identifies subtle danger signs and then alerts us to them through feelings of alarm or fear, we tend to base our responses to this instinct on past experience. Since we rarely, if ever, get hurt when investigating suspicious behavior, we learn to let our guard down, effectively becoming victims of our own success.
This applies to everyone, LEO or not, and it comes down to the simplest things - locking doors, traveling at night with someone else, etc. People get alarmingly complacent if they don't personally see a crime happen once every few years. They come up with all sorts of illogical myths, like the idea that no one will just walk up to your car and open the door, or a false feeling of safety in a "low-crime area" with lots of manicured lawns and boutique gift shops.

Watch the news - it never fails, when there's a violent crime, people will often say, "This kind of thing never happens here!" or "I just can't imagine this happening!" Bullshit. Nothing ever happens until it does.
Perhaps it puts to rest the myth that the only cal. to carry is something that starts with the #4.
Is there some way for the LEO to quickly access a rifle or shotgun while being outside their car? A long gun would be helpful in such a situation, but it's hard to get to one. Maybe have a trunk remote on their duty belt, or some way to fully open either door without having to expose themselves to gunfire.
This is where training kicks in. When working with LE we train for this type of situation. Believe it or not, BG have been known to wear body armor. When COM shots fail, it's time to shoot at an alternate location. I like the "pelvis", as most perp have a difficult time fighting with a broken pelvis. Once the BG is on the ground, finishing him/her off is a lot easier.

Access to a patrol rifle or other long gun would be ideal, but usually not very practical.


4 times!

Amazing story of survival. Never Give Up!

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For a very inspiring. educational look at a real hero. Folks like this are becoming as rare as the plague. Somehow, we need to convince Mr and Mrs America that the only way to turn this country around is to take the initiative and act like we care.:moil:

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