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Has anyone been to the indoor range Continental Arms in Timonium? It's on Deerco Rd. I believe. I've been there a few times and I'm interested in people's opinions. I'd say my experiences have been less then thrilling.

I will not go there. I basically got treated like a criminal by their very rude staff. Horst & McCann Gun Range in Belair is much better.
They act like there doing you a favor by letting you walk through thier door! Even after purchaceing a very expensive gun! I won't go back.
Been to both Continental Arms and Horst & McCann; by a long shot (pun intended), Horst & McCann is the best. Friendly staff, nice place just to hang out and read a magazine or talk about guns; not so much at Continental.

Regarding Just Guns on Harford Rd; went there only once back in September when I was looking for my first gun; there was some lunatic there behind the counter that talked about 'popping' the president, that there was no sense in getting a Fl Non-Res permit for use in PA, Del, etc because he's an ex-LEO and knows the laws and LEO can still take your weapon, etc. Just thought he was a whacko! Besides, didn't do much to help me in the weapons dept. Saw him last week at the Gun Show in Timonium so he's still with Just Guns. They might be good folks but I just got bad vibes from him.
I prefer Freestate Gun Range in Whitemarsh. By far the most knowledgable and friendliest staff. They have a ton more classes going on. And the best selection on rental guns if your just starting out. And if they do not have what you have in mind. They will get it.
Just joined, found this thread very helpful. I'm in Joppa and need to schedule range time to become familiar with my new Shield. Thanks.
I joined FreeState indoor gun range off of 43 in White Marsh (down the new extension). Really friendly folks. I am quite happy.

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