Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?


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I am trying to figure out the best location, on my body, to carry my pistol. I realize this is very subjective, and what works for you may not work for me. I also realize that I will have to try various options to find what works best for me. But, I suspect there are advantages and disadvantages to different locations that I may not have thought about. So, I am hoping to be enlightened a little bit.

First let me describe what I am considering:
I am right hand dominant, and I am considering inside the waist band at either the 3:00 position or 10:30 position.

I am considering IWB just because it would be easier to conceal. I am not opposed to other ideas if I find they work for me. If there are more advantages locations, let me know. If it makes a difference, my attire is mostly genes and T-shirt.

The 3:00 position would make it difficult to access the gun with my left hand, if that ever became necessary. Plus, the 3:00 position seems to "cramp" my shoulder when drawing (perhaps I just need to practice more). The 3:00 position would have less interference when walking and sitting. Though, I seem to draw more comfortably if it has a rearward cant...this may interfere with the back of chairs when I sit down.

The 10:30 position would allow for both hands to have somewhat reasonable access, though I would have to perform an across the body draw with my right hand (not sure if that is good or bad). The 10:30 position seems like it would make sitting rather uncomfortable (trying it would truly tell).

I have not yet carried my gun...still quite new to all of this. I don't even have a holster yet. I'm trying to figure out the best location to start with, so I know what kind of holster to get. This will likely be my next I'm trying to narrow things down.

Thanks for your help!!!

What type of pistol/revolver are you planning to carry? Size and weight need to be considered too.
there is no best cant foresee what predicament you might be in or how you may need to access the weapon. i use a wallet holster because at least, i will always have it on me. i bought a gun specifically for pocket carry. i havent worn anything but t-shirt & jeans for years, so thats what i had to deal with. i carry all day, every day, with no issues.

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What type of pistol/revolver are you planning to carry? Size and weight need to be considered too.

I bought a Link Removed specifically for conceal carry. It is relatively thin (1.25"), very light (16 oz.), fairly short barrel (3.25") and fits my hand well. It seems like it will conceal easily.
You might want to try the "belly band" IWB with a belt. I am wearing one right now at the office with a Glock 23 tucked neatly away. It has a pouch for an extra magazine too. I also have a BUG (Glock 27) in a Galco Stealth ankle holster. Here is a link;

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I too am right hand dominant, carrying a Springfield Micro Operator chambered in .45. My biggest carry issue was the shirt tuck and worrying about printing when my jacket was removed. My two choices when I carry are generally 3:30 and SOB. I did however jsut purchase a Kel Tec P3AT for summer carry and will be pocket carrying like gwillys.

BTW GWILLYS, is that a home made pocket holster? If not, can you give me the MFG and your opinion? Sounds like you are satisfied and the holster looks nice and broke in.
BTW GWILLYS, is that a home made pocket holster? If not, can you give me the MFG and your opinion? Sounds like you are satisfied and the holster looks nice and broke in.

yes, ho-made from an old purse i found for 5 bucks. since the pictures, i had the local shoe repair guy stitch it. works perfect. im very happy how my 'carry' project worked out with the micro desert eagle and holster. 25/30 years ago, i carried a beretta 84 in a shoulder rig - that was a pain. i have a OWB for my 9mm, also a pain and hard to hide. at this point, this setup does the trick for me. no different than having a wallet in your pocket.

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yes, RH'd. anti print panel out. also works for front pocket. never done leather work before - if i find another piece, i'll do better.

my frankenholster next to my wallet which i carry in my left pocket now. it aint beautiful, but it works - the opposite of my ex.
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Perfect and thanks for the pics. I will look around for scrap leather this weekend. i have plenty of saddle leather, but I think that will be too hard to work with. i am certain the my spouse will have some old puse that she won't realize is missing.
Rob - the leather i used was pretty stiff and thick. i wet formed it. hot soapy water. if you want some tips, google - forming leather/holster making etc.
Come on, Gwillys!

Frankenholster my fat a**! That is a damn fine piece of work, my friend. There are many who would pay good money for a holster of that quality. Good job!

well thanks, but Jim @ Link Removed has a better way to go.
now there's some craftsmanship.

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I would bet that the price differential would be equally amazing.

yep, he wants 50/70 bucks for one similar. of course it would be much nicer, fancy smancy. its not easy & takes quite a bit of time for a novice, so i suppose theres value there. and the leather is expensive. those leather guys have hundreds of dollars tied up in tools. i'd guess there's maybe 2 or 3 hours of actual work in making one, with a couple or three days of waiting for things to dry.
well thanks again. I am working with some old suede for my prototype.

I hope that FDegree got some answers and thoughts on his initial carry questions.
Damn, I have a micro eagle as well, but i paid 20 bucks for a pocket holster, and that one looks like it conforms much better. Wish I'd have seen this earlier, I'd have paid you the money... oh well.:cray:
So back to the topic that was originally posted. Fdegree you will definitely have to try different positions before you settle with your favorite. I started carrying at the small of the back position, after I got sick of that (which didnt take long) I bought a nice IWB tuckable holster that I would carry at 1 o'clock. This only requires a tshirt to conceal, but wasn't all that comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. Now i think i have settled with 3:30-4 o'clock being my favorite. This is the most comfortable way for me to carry, and the only printing i experience comes when i am bending forward at the hip. I would also recommend a belly band. It's a very comfortable set-up and you can carry in any position you wish, not to mention it's cheaper than most holsters worth using. gl finding a set-up that works for you.

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