Congressmen contact info?


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Thanks to lots of hard work, we now have HB-650 bill signed and passed. Does anyone have, or know where to obtain, the contact info for those directly responsible for getting this passed? I think we all owe them a very kindhearted thank you email/letter at the very least.

Capt Cook

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Try for starters. You can also find your state government site and it will have all the legislators, etc for your state.
To get a list of the sponsors for the bill, just google it and find out who to thank and scold the ones that didn't sponsor it.


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Google "House Bill 650" and when you get there there is a box at the top left of the pages of texts as the bill went through the process. Click the one on the bottom I think it is SL2011-650 ?? Anyway that is the signed Bill
This was a state law, congess had nothing to do with it!

Contact your State Representative or your State Senator if you wish to thank or chastize them about their support (or lack thereof); but if you contact your Congressman (or woman) you will probably just confuse him (or her) even more than usual.

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