Congress OKs Va Tech-Inspired Gun Bill

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress on Wednesday passed a long-stalled bill inspired by the Virginia Tech shootings that would more easily flag prospective gun buyers who have documented mental health problems. The measure also would help states with the cost.

Looks like the bill that caused a lot of discussion here has passed by voice votes in the House and Senate! I'm still not sure about this bill. Anytime a democrat says it will not affect law abiding citizens I get worried!

"This bill will make America safer without affecting the rights of a single law-abiding citizen," said the Senate's chief sponsor, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer.


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I agree with you.I get nervous any time a gun related bill is passed.ESPECIALLY if DEMOCRAT SPONSORED IT OR LIKES IT.Whoever supports it,they will tell us what they think we want to hear,but they won't tell us about the little loopholes and add-ons they put in it that they can come back later and mess with and that are probably not in our best interest.


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One of the House's chief sponsors, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, spoke in
the full House about her husband, who was killed by a gunman on the Long Island Railroad in New York. "To me, this is the best Christmas present I could ever receive", said McCarthy, D-N.Y.

Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., added that the bill will speed up background checks and reinforce the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Propelling the bill were the Virginia Tech shootings on April 16 and rare agreement between political foes, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the National Rifle Association.
Its getting more and more common.


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Seems to me that a bill eliminating the ridiculous ban of weapons on campus might be a little bit more of a common-sense "VTech Inspired Bill".


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And the nra supported it makes me made.From my cold dead hands sounds a little off .Where will it end? We all know the answer and vote to stop it. WE HOPE

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I don't think I can ever recall a "good" piece of gun legislation from a Democratic sponsor. They all seem to have fine print, and loopholes to work against lawful gun owners.

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"This bill will make America safer without affecting the rights of a single law-abiding citizen," said the Senate's chief sponsor, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer

Hmmmmm.. chuck the schmuck just called every person in the US with mental health problems a CRIMINAL!!!!!

I don't even like to think about what road that'll lead down.

How long will it be before they try to say that ANYONE who believes they need a gun to protect themselves are suffering from persecutional paranoid dellusions and are mentally unstable. That is a mental health disorder. ANYONE suffering from a mental health disorder is a CRIMINAL Therefore; ANYONE WITH A DESIRE TO OWN A GUN FOR SELF PROTECTION IS A CRIMINAL!!!!

I fully expect it to get its start just after the elections.


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Their so called experts have in the past defined a cult as someone that believes in the second comming of Christ, stores food and supplies for bad times and believes in keeping guns and ammo for protection,and has a distrust of the government. I guess that would make most of us mental patients also.


Here are a few of the Virginia specific bills that have been introduced, if you are interested:

Link Removed

If you are a Virginian, please look into joining the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL - Link Removed). They are working hard to get some bills passed, and to kill other bills...


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Or drives big trucks or 4by4 unfriendly to the planet. This bill for must be defeated and the NRA should be call to task for helping with it.
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