Congrats to Al Franken


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With the military vote suppressed,
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"Did military members have the same chance to vote as non-military voters in Minnesota? Did election officials reject military absentee ballots at the same rate as non-military ballots? Were military voters provided a reasonable opportunity to participate in the election as required by UOCAVA? The short answer to these questions is no."

And more votes have been counted than ballots were cast:
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"In Ramsey County, 177 more votes have been counted than people who voted on Election Day. The canvassing board, in effect, is admitting that it is counting fraudulent, duplicate ballots!"

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Even though there has been MUCH EVIDENCE of voter fraud, votes counted twice (three times) , 25 counties with MORE VOTES than REGISTERED VOTERS.?!! .. ALL in favor of Al Franken?!

Al Franken has stolen the election of Senator of Minnesota.

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It's not over yet...10 days worth of time to appeal, and you can bet that it's being appealed as we speak. Franken may get in eventually, but not honestly. And in the process, more corruption will be exposed.

Who's surprised?


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Franken will win, because of three things-
* Military voters not receiving ballots in time or having them rejected
* ACORN- inspired voter fraud in the Twin Cities area.
* Errors in the recount that somehow always favored Franken, like double counting votes and going with the machine count when they couldn't find all the ballots.


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I can't believe Minnesotans are stupid enough to elect Jack Handey to any kind of public office. Sure, you can hate Bush but voting for Franken is cutting off your nose to spite your face.


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I sent my buddy up in Minnesota (a former Airborne Ranger) a quick Email this morning - just saying basically " Al Franken?!" - Wow, I'm sorry!" His response was- " Yeah, Sorry doesn't cover it. Our legislature is full of %[email protected]^ing communist sympathizers and that's how Franken won. The ticket I want to see in 2012, is Al Franken, with Mark Steyn.
Then we can have a Franken-Steyn ticket" :laugh:

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