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I live in Washington and travel to Oregon often so I looked into getting an OR permit. I called the Coos County Sheriffs office and they told me that I needed to own or lease in OR to get a permit. Well I am looking at taking a class in WA to get he OR permit AND this site says I can get one of OR. Anyone Explain??


From what I've found, they should issue to non-residents living on bordering states.
I check and Oregon is a MAY issue State for non-residents and only to adjacent States, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California. I read in an Oregon gun rights web site that there is a Sheriff in Eastern Oregon that will accept self defence as a reason to issue a non-resident permit. Google Oregon gun rights orginizations.
Hey All
Thanks for the info I did call Multnomah County sheriffs office and they told me that YES it if a-ok for me to get one. I told them that I called Coos county and she told me that some counties will not issue permits to out of state folks but Oregon law says they can and Multnomah County will.

Thanks for the help
I'm glad you found the answer to your question but I thought I'd add some more info. Several Washingtonians have the same question. In past the several Oregon counties (including Multnomah have been reluctant to issue permits to non-residents. They even require you to write a letter on intention on why you need or want the permit. Other, more rural counties, namely Grant county are more than willing to help non residents out. The Grant county sheriff even comes to Portland about twice a year solely to sign off on non resident permits. If you run in to trouble look him up and he'll help ya out.

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