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I know there are a few people on here from NC. Today I stopped at a Hess store here in Concord. One police officer stood out. Nothing he did as far as I could tell he was professional in his duties. But,I noticed him wearing his cap backwards. I dont know if he was trying to be cool or make an impression to someone or exactly what he was doing,and I also know that this is a small thing. When I was in the Army the only one allowed to wear a cover backwards was a survey instrument operator. For anyone else it was a major ass chewing. I was just wondering,this is for all you LEO's that may read this,is there not a uniform code in place that states how and what manner uniform items may be worn? This is indeed a very small thing,but shouldn't our law enforcement officers look professional at all times on duty? This represents the city of Concord badly,a city that so far I have enjoyed working in. Except for all the traffic during race events.

Do you think this is a cop trying to appeal to the local scum? Perhaps wearing the cap backward helps him when he talks to the riff-raff and gets confessions.

To me, it lowers my respect for the officer, but maybe it helps when dealing with the lowest of the low.
As an LEO you are representing the agency and the community you serve. Unless working under cover, the uniform and appearance should be "spit & polish". No exceptions! Professionalism, command presence, courtesy and respect! For a professional to wear a cover (or any other part of the uniform) other than the way it was meant to be worn gives a bad impression. In so many ways! My agency had standards and policies regarding officer appearance. Wearing a cap backwards isn't policy.

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