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I was wondering if anyone know what type of investigation the sheriff dept uses to issue non resident gun permits. I see by the application they ask for a copy of your permit from your state and a valid copy of a driver license
I see by some reports permits are issued in a short time frame:I wonder if they just do a background check
with your driver license or do they also request additional information from the state were you reside in to forward a copy of your reason to have a gun permit.
I read some remarks permits were issued in a week time also seen a few post the sheriff dept may issue permits on the spot.
I at one time hand tried for a permit in Wayne County but was refused only reason they did not issue non resident permits but that was back in 1989

I sent in the completed paperwork and a cashiers check for my Pennsylvania Non-Resident permit on a Monday and received my permit 8 days later, on Tuesday. It was processed and mailed out the same day, I was amazed. This was about 6 weeks ago. I had to sign the permit and mail back the carbon copies.

I am going this weekend up to PA in Wayne county in Honesdale and was thinking why just see if I could apply there in person.I spoke with the sheriff deputy on the phone and she stated the sheriff there will not issue a non-resident permit unless you own property in the Wayne county area.I ask why and she stated it was up to him and she stated you will have to Waite 45 days until the FBI investigation will clear .I did try to explain I already have a permit out of state but she say the paper work on both at Harrisburg and the FBI search will take about 45 days and yet I read guys getting the permit in a week.I wonder how can the same dept have different rules on applying for a non resident permit.?
I wonder am I missing something or did she misunderstood .
Well I don't know about PA but one thing that sounds incorrect is the 45 days to do the back ground check. In WA state they get your permit done in under 30 days including mailing it to your home. So that bit about the FBI background check requiring 45 days sounds like BS to me. She probably had some standard line to give out and who knows they may just be a small office and need extra time to do the paper work. I doubt the timeline she gave is accurate.

Gunny: good point there
I was thinking why a FBI background check at all I all ready have a CCL from my home state
It is my understanding that non-resident premits are issued at the discretion of each county's Sheriff. Some counties have a more liberal issuing policy than others and it is relatively well known which counties are accomodating and which are not. I have heard stories of some Sheriffs denying non-resident applications received through the mail altogether, and I've seen some counties that have an application on the county website to download and mail in. I don't remember which county I submitted my application to, I'll check my permit this afternoon, but like I said, I received my permit in 8 days. I found this information on a Pennsylvania Carry Forum, don't remember which one, but poke around, the information's out there.
Centre County Sheriff Danny Nau issued mine in 2006. I believe I received mine the week after I sent it in. Because it is so big and made of paper, I had to take it to Kinko's so that they could shrink it and laminate so that it would fit in my wallet. The best part was that it only cost $35.
Don't know about non-resident, but in-state takes only a few minutes. I went to Norristown (Montgomery county, Philly burbs) and was out in less than half an hour, including waiting in line.

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