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I just bought the taurus pt 140 millenium pro. I was wondering what the best or most reliable holster to use . Prefer hip holsters and if possible could you give me reasons on why or why not.

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Thank you ny other advice you can give me with this firearm

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Suggest you look here for a whole line-up of holsters for you particular gun.

Taurus PT111, 140, 145

Made in USA, quick shipping and reasonable price. I bought a Pro-Carry Deep Comfort IWB almost 3 years ago and still use it for my daily carry holster.


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I have to concur with Peggy... the Alien Gear Holsters ARE the most comfortable. I've used their their leather-backed models, but quickly became a fan of their newer Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB with the neoprene backing. I've carried a S&W M&P Shield, a Glock 19, and a Walther PPQ M2, all of which carried all day without any discomfort or inconvenience whatsoever. For me, carrying at about the 3:30 position, I literally find myself reaching back to make sure my pistol is, indeed, still where I left it. Even sitting/driving for long periods isn't uncomfortable whatsoever. These truly are the most comfortable holsters I've ever had...and like most who carry, I've tried a LOT of different holsters. Another great feature about the Alien Gear line is that if you decide to switch out your EDC for another handgun, you can trade the shell in for free, paying postage only. Alien Gear's customer service is excellent.


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Thank you everyone for thier advice hopefully i can return the favor

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You didnt specify inside or outside the waist carry... all the above examples are (to my knowledge) inside the waistband carry (IWB).... I prefer outside the waistband/belt carry (OWB) in a blackhawk nylon pankcake holster.Link Removed It holds the firearm very close in against the belt/body, and is very comfortable.

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