Concealed Handgun Permit Issued = 40 days


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CCW Certification Class - 6.20.09 = $100.00

Application and Fingerprints @ County Sheriff - 7.15.09 = $90.00

Permit Issued - 8.25.09 = Priceless

Deputy told me to expect 6 - 8 weeks for my permit to be issued

Application Filed > Permit Issued = 40 days

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I live in Johnston County, Moved here from CT in 2000, Got my CT permit in 1989 and still hold it as a non-resident, just wondering why NC has not gone to photo-permit like my CT.
Prices for the certification class in my area varied from $50 to $75 to $100. The $50 class was an hour drive (one way) and required BYO gun and 150 rounds of ammo (NO .22's or Handloads) which was not a problem but there's +- $60 for factory.38 ammo and another $10 bucks for gas so that class would have cost me + $100.00 anyway, The $75 class was a two day class also BYO and I would have had to drive out there twice for 4 hrs total driving,The $100 class was 15 min from my house and the dude provided everything, gun, ammo (Suppressed Walther .22 / 50 rounds ammo) and grilled pork chops and potato salad for lunch, hard to beat that deal, there were other classes in the area also but I didn't compare them all.

I thought the application fee was a little high, but what can you do, can't shop there.

Anyway, something I've been meaning to get done since I moved down here, so now it's done.
My out of state Utah permit took 50 days from the time I put the application in my mailbox, until I got the permit out of my mailbox. I applied for my NC permit 3.5 Years ago! I am Still Waiting! The sheriff will not issue it, nor will he deny it.

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