Concealed carry sure worked for this man.


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TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Police are looking for a man who attempted to rob another person at gunpoint late Sunday night but victim scared him off with his own gun.

The incident happened at the Polo Club Apartments on 41st and 129th East Avenue at about 11 p.m.

A man was covering his motorcycle when he was approached by another man with a gun who told him to get on the ground.

The victim had a conceal carry license and pulled his gun on the robber and fired three shots.

Tulsa Police are not sure if any of those shots hit the robbery suspect.

The victim told Tulsa Police the suspect was a black male who was last seen in a dark 4-door car with tinted windows and a loud exhaust


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so disappointed

Three shots and he doesn't know where any of them went? That's three rounds sailing through the apartments or the neighborhood...very sloppy. Two that hit would have been preferable.
Um, no. Attempted head shots separate the video game players from the intelligent shooters. When you're hopped up on adrenaline, good luck with that head shot. Heck, if you're hopped up on adrenaline, you'll have to be a pretty darned good shot to hit center mass from more than 20 feet away.


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I wonder if the complex had cameras that caught the action. I have always been told that you can not draw faster than someone who has you covered already. Guess that bad guy wasnt really looking to shoot anyone. I wonder, if the shooter would have been OC'ing, would the "robber" have went looking for someone else? Idle speculation because we will never find out. Hopefully there is a doc in Tulsa working on a guy with 3 gun shot wounds. It would suck to find out the guy defending himself hit an innocent. Then again, if he would have hit an innocent, the news would have had this kind of headline "TEAbagger shoots innocent bystander" At least the news of a gunowner defending themselves have made the news.


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I guess the good thing is he did not get robbed,and he does not have to discuss it with the Tulsa Oklahoma D.A. Tim Harris as he is worthless and anti-CCW.


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Was he talking to him down the road on a loud speaker or something? Typically a robbery is up close, you would think he would have noticed a hit


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Nice story to a bad situation. No blood on the ground, no hits to mass. Gotta go back to basics with more practice. Maybe night shoots as well. Haven't done that for a long while. The story reminded me it's time to re-qual at night again.

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Maybe the robber was holding a toy gun that was why he wasn't able to defend himself...oh, ignore me too -- I am trolling...:biggrin:

Back to work before I sack myself for taking a break. :sarcastic:


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+1! I agree completely, because my post has to have at least 15 characters in it. :)
I also agree, however...

I am guessing that you are not typing on that :pleasantry:"tactical":pleasantry: keyboard I got you for the limitted addition Sheepdog X-box. :lol:


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Good for him but I would recommend he gets himself to a range and learns to hit what he shoots at...The suspect should have been ready for morgue pickup.


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Another thing to consider is that the shots may have hit, but not required hospital-level medical treatment.
People can get tunnel vision in situations like this. The shots may have hit the hand/arm and only cause grazes because they were aimed more at the gun. Even trained police officers have been known to focus on the gun.
People involved in self-defense with firearms have reported things like: not hearing the gun shots, not remembering how many times they fired, staring down "huge" barrels, sensations of time distortion, and more...

I'm just glad the robbery was thwarted. I'm also betting the guy is thankful he doesn't have to deal with the aftermath of killing someone, even if it was totally justified. Plus, it hopefully means that the robber chooses a new career since it almost cost him his life.


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I work not far from this complex, also lived there for a little while when I was first married to my second wife. There are no camreas there that I know of.


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I guess the good thing is he did not get robbed,and he does not have to discuss it with the Tulsa Oklahoma D.A. Tim Harris as he is worthless and anti-CCW.
David Moss has been missed. He publicly stated once that if you defend your home and kill someone, he will not prosecute you. RIP Mr. Moss.

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