Concealed carry rules in Indiana

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How do you get a clear understanding of the rules to carry in Indiana and any other state for that matter? I have visited the state web site and asked at gun dealers and just get general idea's and opinions. Would like to get a clear picture of what I can and cannot do.


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Please do not use Wikipedia as a source for something this important. It is a Wiki which means anyone can change the content and write whatever they want.


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If you look right under the sub-forum you posted in, it says "Link Removed." Click on that, scroll down to the "Indiana Discussion and Firearm News." Open that and then click on "Indiana Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information" and read every word of what you find there.

If there's any questions after reading that, then the code sections from which that information was gleaned will be cited and you can search your state's .gov website for the whole section.


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All the above are good answers. Had you posted in Indiana Discussion and Firearm News I would have answered:

I carry in Indiana.

Indiana is 'Silent' on Concealed or Open Carry. Ours is a 'License to Carry Handgun.'

If you hold an Indiana permit, in Indiana, you decide if you want to carry Open or Concealed. But depending on the area you are in, it might be best to just conceal.

Back in 2000, when I questioned the State Police on the phone (Issuing Authority) I was told, "Why sure sir, you can carry on top of your head if you like, but then we can re-evaluate as to your competence to have that permit..." I've concealed, for the most part, ever since for my area, NW Indiana.

If you hold a permit from another state, you must abide by whatever your license is. If it is a Concealed Permit, you MUST carry concealed. If it is a License to Carry, you can carry Open or Concealed.

I hope this helps.

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