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Hello All
Yes I am new to the site.
And I was trying to find out the answer to my question on google which led me to here.Thank God.

Ok I have a CCW and due to the job sitution I have had to take a job with a friend as a tow truck driver.
The question is with a CCW can I carry my gun in the tow truck with me or on me.

I have been told with or without a CDL driving a comercial vehicle you can not carry your gun in the truck.

Thank you in advance.

I think it really depends on your "State's" laws AND your company's policy.

IF your job takes you across state lines, you will have to be aware of laws in those states as well.

Does the tow truck have a "Sleeper"?
There are some Federal & State laws that address carrying a firearm "inside" the sleeper compartment.

It's important that "YOU" check the statutes in your OWN state and the states in which you may be operating.
(Laws vary from state to state.)

You also need to know about your company's conceal carry policy.
I am not an attorney, however, I see nothing in the Flordia Firearms statute (790) that would prohibit carry in a commercial vehicle beyond the standard restrictions (schools, etc). Additionally, I cannot find anything in Florida CDL or Dept of Trans regulations that would prohibit it (although I this is not an area of expertise), so as long as you are remaining in Florida, I would think you are "legal".

That said, if you are an employee driving for a company, they DO have the right to restrict what goes on in their trucks and may ban you from carrying under penalty of termination (conceivably you could be charged criminally with trespass if told not to bring the weapon onto their property and you do anyway). This has been tested with the pizza drivers who have carried, defended themselves and the company then been fired and the firing upheld.

And as noted if you cross state lines, then you come under the regulations of the state you are going into and the feds, neither of which do I know anything about trucking.

Good luck, be safe, and welcome to the site it's a good place.
For the most part we stay local and don't travle out side of the county.The truck has a regular cab and most of the time I'll be driving a truck much like (but NOT)a repo truck.I haven't been able to find any thing that says I can't but to C.M.O.A. if I had printable proof I would feel much better.
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Oh yah as far as a company policy we realy don't have a company policy and he (my boss) knows that I have it and a CCW.
There are no FEDERAL restrictions prohibiting carry by a CDL driver. The company can make a policy but you already stated you boss is ok with it.

You wont find anything in print saying you CAN do it..laws don't do that.

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