Concealed Carry Permits for Veterans in Florida

Mine was issued in August of 2010 and does not have it. I think the change was July 1 of 2010. My Florida DL was one of the first ones with the new emblem in the corner under the state emblem. Prior DL type was a gold star in same location. New is gold circle with background color star in it. 2014 starts the requirements for that type license to enter Federal buildings/airplanes/nuke plants without extra hassles. Copy of birth certificate is scanned into the back of it along with a digital picture and other data. CWorFL had the addresses removed as a part of the state FOIA change as license holders for concealed carry are exempted from FOIA requirements. Both the CWorFL and a form of gov't ID issued have to be provided a LEO if demanded and the new DL proves you proved who you were.

mine was issued 3/10, no address

I would also add that rather than making an application thru the mail it possible to go to a FLorida Department of Agriculture office and do all of your documentation online in their office. They do the electronic fingerprinting right there. I called the Punta Gorda office, made an appointment, went in with my DD214, and all the rest was performed in that office. It took only three weeks to receive my permit when I knew others who had waited several months.
For office locations check this link:
Punta Gorda Regional Office / Regional Offices / Licensing / Divisions & Offices / Home - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

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