Concealed Carry IWB Holster

BTW: I have used a pair of compression shorts with the pocket for a sports 'cup'. The pocket for the cup is inside the shorts, so it takes lots of practice to present the gun. It is kind of inconvenient when sitting down, too. However nobody looks at your 'private area' as much as they might notice a bulge at your hip. Other than your partner/spouse/significant other, not many people will touch you there. It also works well for the ladies, too. It's another option...

I bought a super tuck for my Steyr M9A after reading and hearing about how comfortable they are. I am more than a little disappointed. Maybe it's the horsehide, maybe it needs the combat cut, I don't know. Until I can afford a new single stack pistol and holster, I'm carrying a .22 mag derringer in my pocket. Beats having nothing.
I suppose I could just go buy all new pants and shirts to fit the crossbreed.

Another thing about the super tuck I'm not wild about: it creaks like an old house with every step. Doesn't matter how invisible it is (or isn't, it bulges pretty severely on an average size guy like me 5'9", 160), my wife can tell the days I'm leaving with the supertuck without opening her eyes.
Another thing about the super tuck I'm not wild about: it creaks like an old house with every step. Doesn't matter how invisible it is (or isn't, it bulges pretty severely on an average size guy like me 5'9", 160), my wife can tell the days I'm leaving with the supertuck without opening her eyes.
The horsehide is worse about that than the cowhide is. If you put some self stick felt pads between the clips and the leather it will reduce that. If you treat the leather regularly with something like mink oil it will reduce it even further. I ordered my second SuperTuck in horsehide because it was supposed to be better resistant to sweating in a hot climate. I now have four SuperTucks and that is the only one I'll ever own in horsehide, for the very reason you mention. Even though I have greatly reduced the creaking noises, the creaking is still annoying at times. Fortunately for me, I no longer carry the gun that holster is made for. But even with that minor drawback, I have yet to see any holster that even comes close to the SuperTuck in overall quality, not even the numerous SuperTuck clones that keep popping up.
I too like the CBST but sometimes I still old school it depending on the weapon and just carry stuffed inside the waist with no holster. I know this will draw heat from some but it is what it is.
I have been using a N8 squared to carry my G30 in shorts and casual wear. Honestly the most comfortable holster I have ever used.
I have a kholster and a couple Ace holsters (both OWB, and IWB). Depending on the clothing, and season I'll select the holster that works best. Alot of times I just slip my TCP in my pocket, and don't even need a holster.
try wrapping the UNLOADED AND CLEARED gun in plastic wrap / Saran Wrap, insert the UNLOADED AND CLEARED gun into the holster, use mink oil or baseball glove oil to soften the leather. Once the leather is soft, put the gun on as you normally would and wear it all day with no breaks. The reason is this: The oil softens up the leather, and worn the way you normally wear it, the holster will conform to your body contours fairly quickly.
Cheap IWB holsters

Someone recently asked me why I don't like the cheap nylon, cheap leather/suede holsters. This is why: When you remove your gun from the holster, the nylon/suede will collapse with nothing to keep it 'open'. This is especially true with IWB carry. The pressure of your waist-band will cause the holster to collapse and it is difficult to re-holster without opening your belt and pants. As nylon/suede/leather get on with age, they become softer and softer and this becomes especially true.
guns: Leather Holster Safety Warning: Check your holster condition!
SAFETY WARNING! Worn Leather Holsters Can Cause Accidental Discharges!
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Also, as long as I'm on my soap-box, when you carry a pocket gun (Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT/P-32, etc) in your front pocket, ALWAYS use a pocket holster that covers the trigger area. DON'T EVER put a pocket gun in the same pocket as any keys, change, pill bottles, or 'stuff' can get caught in the trigger get the point. That guy is a friend of mine and a member of my gun club. The story makes me cringe!
Please read these articles and please don't make the same mistake.
And I forgot to add to my previous post, even though I have hyperhydrosis and tend to sweat profusely, my three cowhide Supertucks hold up just as well as my horsehide Supertuck does.
Respect for Bladetech

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I've been edc'ing a Bersa .45 UC for over 4 years in one of these.

Never had one problem with it...easy to clean, and keeps my pistol
very secure, yet very quick on the draw if necessary, and easy to
re-holster, should you ever have to draw. I did add a couple drops
of blue loctite to the retention adjustment screw, and the belt loop
screws after it got fully 'formed' to the frame...other than that,
zero maintenance, other than an occasional cleaning with some soapy

I live in a very warm climate, and the pistol stays well protected
from body sweat. That's why I prefer kydex over leather down here
for every day use. I do have some light 'holster wear' on the pistol
around the muzzle area,....but my piece ain't for show and tell,
it never was shiney/pretty...and anyway, that isn't the reason I
carry it...

If and when this Bladetech ever gives up, I'll be buying another,
just like it..

Try a Kholster Holster. I have one and use it every day. I used to wear a Crossbreed for another pistol and I find I like the Kholster better, and as a bonus it costs less. Total cost (including shipping) was $45.00 compared to $69.00 plus shipping. If you want to order one check out the site online. You can use my discount code: 06-9451 which will give you the $45.00 price. If you order from Jimmy, you'll be very happy with the Kholster. I had mine in hand 7 days after I placed the order, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Hope this info helps!

+1 on that! Good call.
I got my Kholster little moon last week. I am an average sized man and this fits me way better than my creaky, expensive Crossbreed super tuck. I used a rebate code I found online and my delivered cost was $45, half of the super tuck.
Use my Kholster rebate code: 08-9974 to get the same deal I did. There is no use limit and no expiration for this Kholster rebate code.
Kholster has a 90 day unconditional (even if you trim the leather!) money back return policy that I bet is seldom used, and a lifetime warranty. Why don't his competitors?
BTW crossbreed took EIGHT WEEKS to fill my order (they promise 4-6 weeks, and I had to nag them after 6 to get it in 8) but they charged my card the day I ordered.
Jimmy (Kholster) took 6 days including shipping time. If you have money and time to waste - go with a crossbreed. Otherwise Kholster is the way to go.
I have one Galco IWB Holster. I don't use it because it is uncomfortable for me to wear. I have to buy my pants a size larger for it to work. Therefore its OWB holsters for me"!
I have a glock 19 and am looking into 3 different options. I hear wonderful things about the supertuck, but have also heard great things about the black mamba from concealment solutions, and my local gunsmith suggested I go to a local place called Ambush Tactical and have them make a custom holster for me. I am thinking I will check out that option first. suggestions?
I just received my Cleveland holster this week. Fit and finish was great and the kydex securely holds my G21. I think I made changes in the cant and height adjustments at least a dozen times till I found just the right angle that was most comfortable for me. You can reholster one handed and it slips out easily on the draw. I almost went with the supertuck, but for the lower price of the Cleveland, it works very well for me. I am still waiting on my licence to come in, but this holster allows me to tuck in my shirt if I want, and hides the full frame easily. My wife didnt even know I had it on till she gave me a hug. LOL I will need to figure out the best way to carry my phone now because I have always carried it at 3 oclock on my right side, with the holster in place, it sticks out way to far and with wearing an untucked shirt, drawing can be affected if my shirt hangs up on my phone. If you havent seen the Cleveland, check em out. Thanks Bobby!

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