Concealed Carry in vehicle with a permit??


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Hi all,

As I was reading the DE gun laws I see that it states that if you are a resident you may open carry, and while in a vehicle the weapon must not be concealed, such as placing the gun on the dashboard or passenger seat. However, if you have a concealed carry permit, may you conceal the weapon on your person while in a vehicle? After much research, I can't seem to find something that clarifies this. I would assume that this would hold true because what's the point of being able to conceal if you have to openly display the weapon in plain view while in a vehicle? The law doesn't seem to state that even if you have a permit, you must keep the weapon in plain view.

Can anybody clarify this for me? Thanks in advance

pete lynch

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Only DE citizens who don't have a ccdw but can otherwise legally own a gun must openly display the weapon in plain view while in a vehicle.

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