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The Supertuck Deluxe Left Handed for my Springfield 1911.

I am currently using the Milt Sparks holster, and am curious how they compare.


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My preference would be the right-handed SuperTuck Deluxe in horsehide for a Springfield XD Subcompact. Having heard nothing but good things about the Crossbreed holster, it's one I'm definitely looking at purchasing. Being new to the CCW arena, I'm still experimenting with the best way to carry for my build / lifestyle. As the horsehide is recommended for high humidity, I figure that'd be a better bet considering the rain we tend to get here during the summer.


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Cross breed for a Taursu PT 709

right hand, horse hide, j-clips,.

I would like to have one because it looks comfortable, and anything I can do to help with conceal-ability is a plus. Speed is also important so I am not sure about the combat cut yet.


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I think the reason i would enjoy a free holster is... I have never won a free anything and the fact i could get something useful is exciting . the ad for cross breed works i might even just buy one.
anyways hopefully send me a Black Supertuck Deluxe for the venerable Beretta 92.
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Well I'd pick a right handed horsehide Super Tuck Deluxe for a S&W J frame. I have a similar design holster that I wear every day with a Glock 26, but I've been thinking I ought to see if a J frame can be just a comforting a companion while being a bit lighter.


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Wow, that SuperTuck Deluxe looks nice. I'd love to have one of those so I can carry my .45 here in AZ. It's just to hot for me to wear something over it most of the time. The cant ability would make it very possible for me to conceal it.


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I'd be grateful to be picked for one of the CrossBreed holsters. I use a SuperTuck horsehide for my Taurus PT-145. Like most others, I've got boxes full of holsters - the result of the never ending quest for a comfortable way to carry concealed. The CrossBreed is the closest I've come to finding the 'one'. Now I need one for my Taurus PT-709 - a MiniTuck horsehide would be just right! Thanks for the opportunity.


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Concealed Carry Givaway

I'd love a RH Super Deluxe for my Kahr K-40, the online video of the holster on that young lady knocked my socks off.Link Removed


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crossbreed giveaway

HI i would like to win this crossbreed holster for my wife. i have two crossbreed holster and i think they are the best holsters i have found so far.

the holster that would be perfect for her is a mini tuck, right hand, for a ruger lcp with j clips would make her happy. thanks chuck


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Qwikclip for Glock 23

I like the Qwikclip for my Glock 23, I need the qwik on and off because of some places you can't carry and when I need to run in for just a min. the qwikclip would make it so much better to just clip it off and on. Thanks! Todd


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Right hand super tuck for a SR40 I have recently purchased and intend on carrying when I get permit !! Thanks for the great giveaways !!!!


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Crossbreed holster give away

I would like the CrossBreed Super tuck for the Springfield subcompact. Color nutral no Extras.


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Hey I'll post again, I want that holster. I want a right handed, black super tuck for a Springfield XD 9mm that will carry a CT laser sight. :biggrin: Go ahead and send it to know you want to................


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Crossbreed WOO ! HOO!

Right hand supertuck deluxe for a 1911 I already own one for an xd and it is the most comfortable I have tried And they have tremendous customer support and a lifetime warrenty and its made in America.:laugh:


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I will take the right hand Horse Hide Natural Snap Slide for my Sig P229 W/rail. This looks like the perfect holster for me. Good luck to everybody else on the second holster. LOL


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I'd go for a right-handed Super Tuck Deluxe for a Taurus PT 740 Slim (if that's available). I use that holster for my Kel Tec PF9 and it's the best!
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