Concealed carry badges?

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Any one carry one? I here that it could cause more trouble than it might solve. Any LEO's have an opinion?

This subject comes up frequently in all the gun related forums I am on. Some responses are negative, many are down right derogatory. Very few are positive. I am neutral to slightly positive. A LEO acquaintence of mine suggested that the only time he thought it might be of benefit is to have it in your hand when LE arrives after a SD shooting where you are holding a gun. A momentary hesitation on their part so sort things out so you don't get shot is a good thing. Otherwise it should remain as concealed as your carry weapon.
I think it's a horrible idea. It makes you look like a poseur cop and I don't want anyone to think I'm a cop, especially not someone committing or preparing to commit a crime, and presenting a badge after an incident of self defense is almost guaranteed to complicate things.
A badge is a very bad idea if you're not LEO. There are other things you can do to help law enforcement figure out you're not a BG without having a "Mall Ninja Badge". I won't publicly post the ideas or techniques, but feel free to PM me for more info.

We don't need no stinking BAHDGES!!!

A 'reputable' LEO equipment and ID site online NIC, Law Enforcement Supplies, 1-888-642-0007, publishes a neato magazine for mainly badges, I.D.'s, wallet/neck/Velcro I.D.-holders, web-gear, cuffs, body-armor, spray defence, training weapons which IMHO look [dangerously to kids of all ages 6-90) just like the real deal, real ammo, patriotic and gung-ho placards, decals, pins, boots, badges galore, gloves, carry-bags & back packs, holsters, web-gear/LBE, rings, watches, sun-glasses, books, CD's, posters, uniforms, bumper-stickers, 'official' document blanks, certificates for any degree/certification U want, seals and seal embossers, coins from military units to brothel chips, mugs, hats, T-shirts, etc. I must admit I picked up a few of their legit gear items: a challenge-coin I lost from the 25th Inf Div and 2 sets of thumb-cuffs which I carry, 1 in car and 1 on person, for reasons they R small (3"x1"), light, quick to use, they work and they will hold a perp until a LEO arrives to take 'em off. No I am NOT pushing their site, I think their gear is stuff any a-Q or crook would love to own, completely reinvent yourself from a cop to press to fugitive retrieval to FBI and all the right stuff that unless a very savvy person triple checks will con many sheeple to allow a person to do just about anything anywhere fast and that is dangerous to me. I could have a CC badge in gold-plate, with the WA state seal in the middle and my CC # engraved on the bottom, just for $100. I'd rather give that to a year of membership in USA Carry. NO, and I mean no cop I know will accept a badge as proof positive that my card-stock laminated original better be on my person with me and my pistol should the SHTF.
So I took at look at NIC's 'Restricted Items' no word about you having to show proof that you are maybe CIA, DEA or FBI, just the vague words: 'Some of the articles we offer are considered hazardous or are restricted by a specific shipping carrier due to the nature of the products. We reserve the right to substitute shipping carriers when necessary." So sending a pressurized gas by normal U.S. mail is out unless you fill in the right slip (hazardous product form) and the state it goes to accepts say CS/pepper, some don't. THAT'S IT!!!!
It then goes on to talk about 'International Orders', this is a back door to the heart of our most trusted and secure places and our last hold-outs, our homes. To paraphrased it; U have to use a U.S. shipping agent, they want your return e-mail, phone or fax #. They take all major plastic and U may have to spend more to say have a full set of U.S. legal looking anything you want to be mailed by a U.S. carrier to say a 'nice' place where it's all the fashion rage to walk around like a Yankee cop in say Pakistan! If you want to find ObL he IS in South Waziristan, the town of Wana stands for Women Are Not Allowed. Or maybe in a local hood in there called Peshawar which in slang is named Fana: Foreigners Are Not Allowed. A place we can not go and a place the (reluctant) Pakistani military gets the crap beat out of them for every meter they push deeper into it. Very bad PR if we just lob a nuke on an allied back-door sovereign nation's ground! Making Hitler look minor as we wipe out maybe 20 million with the blast and the residual radiation. Not good if ObL ain't even @ home! This site is worth a read and ain't ancient history:
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Well DUCK ME but isn't that the very place that up in Waziristan where ObL spends his time, that a legit NIC package could end up being air-expressed into say Islamabad and muled all the way to the buyer. Or awaiting a Jihad team in a town not far from you, in an a-Q safe-house, so it doesn't pass in & out of U.S. customs, Canada or Mexico are handy & close too! Or even a less obvious places like Germany or Holland with a-Q cells and safe-houses built under mosques and their many Muslim schools? OK so let's ASS-U-ME that a-Q couldn't use that kit. Dream-on! What about organized crime or petty thugs with some cash to kit themselves out who operate in every major U.S. city to small town and how very useful some of that gear would be for them to do a perfect hoist, or whack you for pissing them off? I think that their whole operation (online NIC) should be made available to purchases by local real ABC's who want or need their gear, with real verification checks and balances in place to make sure a sensitive item used as a decoy to con the public should not be something available without the right proof of who needs it for their job, not a crime. No! Scream the badge collectors, who may be stupid enough to let a fake LEO walk right into their home with a smile and steal everything not nailed down. I know I walk a fine line here but we are not talking about collecting stamps or coins, but symbols of trust that let (most) Jo-Publics think the bearer is there to help them, a whole different spin on that argument.
Ding-dong: "Good evening sir, I am deputy sheriff Walters, we got a 911 call that we traced to your home, I must BY LAW come inside to verify there is no real emergency, or the SWAT unit will be dispatched if you deny me entry or delay this. It will only take a second, thank you sir." Hello! I'm in and now I pull on U!
So back to the subject of badges, when your state issues or makes a badge that can legally be the exact same symbol as that wallet card, then it may be worth the money, in that state. But until then stick with the permit and don't display it enlarged & silk-screened onto your T-shirt as a symbol, that defeats the very concept that if we have a concealed weapon on us we do not want to display that secret to anyone but the right people at the right time. Would you walk around with a T-shirt that said "I am a black-belt and I can kill you with one blow!" as you swagger into a cowboy or biker bar, someone will take you up on your display of something best kept to yourself or don't even get a CC permit and learn Karate for 10 or 30 years!
A rant by a Vet who can not believe how easy it is to let the BG's waltz right into our lives bearing what look like the perfect disguises. And one who remembers the faces of almost every dead GSW victim I put into the back of my EMS rigs over 2 decades, not pretty and no friggin glory!

Canis-Lupus :dry:
It's positively a terrible idea. In most cases, your state-issued permit card will serve that purpose, without having to carry around a chintzy badge that looks like it was lifted from a box of Cracker Jacks. If a LEO does somehow show up in the 2 seconds after you shot the attacker and before you hopefully either re-holster the firearm or as the situation permits, put it in a secure location, then that would be a bizarre probability. In any case, you shouldn't be standing around actually holding a gun when the cops show up - that's stupid.

The only purpose these things seem to serve is to make money for the fake police gear industry, and allow obnoxious pretend tough-guys to get their kicks.
I agree with all that's been said--badges are a bad idea--besides --I don't need no steenkin' badges :laugh:
I agree. I think you are just increasing your risk of trouble. I do not want to take the first bullet, so I don't want to look like a cop. I also could see it making the Leo think you are trying to play cop. Just my opinion.
Not only does it make you look like you are trying to pretend to be a cop, I would also be worried that a DA could tell a jury that you were trying to be a cop and out looking for trouble. Carrying a badge in addition to your license and weapon gives the impression of premeditation-at least to me...
No badge for me. I could never see the point of having one as everyone else has already mentioned.
Does that mean security guards are pretending to be cops because they wear the exact same uniforms as cops just different patches. Some security guards even have badges. I will use any piece of hardware it takes to save my life. I do not have a badge but when I see answers like you are pretending to be a cop, that is plain BS. Some mayor's has a badges, non police / non security government officials have badges. A lot of people have badges that are not police.

So how many of you would give up your CCW license if a law passed tomorrow that you had to have a CCW badge.

Sorry folks but these answers are not about badges but more like a badge with a gun.. One or the other is fine but both together automatically screams cop. That is stereotyping. :)
it would be one thing if it was actually required to have with a ccw permit.. but if it's not then I agree it kind of makes you stand out and would probably make you one of the first to get targeted.
Depending where you are, there may be specific laws that prohibit CCW holders from using any type of badge. Check your local regulations.

Another thought is suppose that you use your firearm to stop a BG from committing a criminal act against a loved one. (Basic defense of others situation). You display your "ccw badge" and draw your firearm, but end up not shooting the BG because he dropped his gun and surrendered. Now when he's questioned by police, the BG claims that you said something like "freeze police", so he surrendered. Your 4 year old daughter (the one you defended) can't remember if you used the word "police" or not. Now you have a potential situation where you can be prosecuted for "impersonating a police officer". This charge aginst you may mitigate the punishment the BG receives.

If a "badge" was REQUIRED with my CCW, I'd certainly comply with the law and carry one, but until that happens, it's no "mall ninja" badge for me.

I agree with the no badge thing I just don't agree with the reasons. A bad guy can say you screamed police anyways. Having a badge does not mean you did or did not. In the end it will be your word against his. If you did scream police then you get what you get. Just as we train with our guns, we train the way we approach a situation. Again, I agree with you all just not the reasoning. Plus it makes good conversation.:icon_smile:
You say you agree with our position on CCW badges, but that you disagree with the logic. Ok, so then what's YOU'RE reason for not carrying a CCW badge?
You say you agree with our position on CCW badges, but that you disagree with the logic. Ok, so then what's YOU'RE reason for not carrying a CCW badge?

My reasons are simple. I just don't want a badge, I see no need for it. I have enough stuff to carry why would I want more. Not because it makes people think I might be a cop or it is mall ninja tactics. I have read time and time again where people print and a person will approach them and say, are you a cop. A gun is a symbol of a police officer just as a badge is. I will still carry a gun even though it gives people a wrong impression. If I can open carry in my state because there is no law that says I can not open carry then I should be able to carry a badge if there is no law that says I can not. Everything else is just personal opinion.
The right to carry is God given.

LEO are given the responsibility of investigating crimes and need a badge to represent this authority.

We do not need a badge to show our right to carry. :n:

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