Concealed Carry at YMCA?


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I'm in Las Vegas and I saw a "No Guns" sign at the YMCA on Durango and it cited a NRS statute. That NRS statute prohibits concealed carry at schools and childcare facilities. The YMCA is a community center and but does offer child care. I don't think because there is a child care facility there it would prohibit concealed carry at the whole place. Child care facilities at casinos and gyms don't make those entire place prohibited to concealed carry.

What says the hive?


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For starters:

NRS 202.265  Possession of dangerous weapon on property or in vehicle of school or child care facility; penalty; exceptions.

NRS 432A.0245  “Child care institution” defined.

From the Nevada YMCA Code of Conduct:

"Specifically, action that does not show respect to others and is not permitted includes:
Carrying or concealing any weapons, devices or objects that may be used as weapons."

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Dang. I think the NRS definition for childcare is going to include the YMCA. DARN YOU NRS and your detailed definitions.

Thanks for the link.


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Is what it is. NRS wins this one.

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Which is odd because, IIRC the cop from the Village People OC'ed, and so did the cowboy. And we know the Village People were big fans of the Y - M - C - A.

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