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Hi. I'm new to the forum, so I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I wasn't able to find anything about it.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide some insight on females concealed carrying at work. I currently conceal carry every day at work, though my employee handbook says not to. My gun is in my purse, which I keep in a drawer at my desk; I lock the drawer if I have to walk away for any reason. My employee handbook states that I am technically not allowed to have a gun on any property (building or parking lot), however, a friend of mine mentioned in the state of Arizona, though an employer may mention that they prohibit weapons in their parking lots, that if it’s a public parking lot, as long as it’s locked in the car, you should be allowed to carry (I do not know the truth behind this..). My office is in a terrible part of town, and I am typically one of the last to leave in the evening. I have been approached by people after work when I’m trying to get to my car, and feel it’s unsafe for me to leave my gun in my car, in case I might need to get to it! Do any other women carry at work in an office setting? If so, how do you do it? I would prefer to have the gun on my body, but it’s not really an ideal situation in my office, and I feel that having my purse in a drawer makes for less suspicious employees. Thank you guys in advance! :)


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Check out the videos here. Link Removed

if the link doesn't work just copy and paste.

Carry on, Carry often


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First of all, you really need to learn your state laws. Secondly, no one here is going to blame you for CC even if your company forbids it. It's a personal choice but you have to be ready to deal with the consequences if you are found out.
Never leave your desk unsecured even for a second to run to the rest room. If you can't carry your weapon comfortably or inconspicuously on your body, you might consider a different gun, or a back up gun. Maybe a NAA mini. You can conceal that in a pocket, clipped to your waste bad or even in your bra.

There are forums and websites dedicated to women who carry. Seek them out. Also google "The Cornered Cat." It's a great web site as well as a book by the same name.


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I admire your tenacity and willingness to protect yourself. You should be aware of your state's law regarding this. Here is the revised statute: Link Removed

I cannot admonish someone who wishes to protect her self. However, you will notice that the AZ law refers to prohibiting a company from putting on a ban on keeping firearms in your car. If someone can find the statute that says they cannot ban you from carrying in the workplace, please post it. I did not find it.

Therefore, then, you must accept any consequences your employer doles out if they ever find out, which could include firing you.

If it was a choice of being protected or breaking a company rule... I'd err on the side of protection like you have. Good luck to you.



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Odds are if anyone on your company ever finds out that you are carrying an unathorized firearm at work the first you'll know of it is when they call you to HR and you walk in the office and there's a cop there getting ready to escort you off property. permanently


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First, I applaud you for being proactive in your own defense, and I don't mean that with ANY condescension or lack of respect. I truly respect your decision and action.

First...violating a company policy, unless you work in a courthouse, or other government agency with a specific prohibition against carrying a weapon where there is a legal consquence, then you are not in danger of prosecution for the act of carrying. You may face employer consequences such as suspension or termination, but you must be alive to be suspended or terminated, so put the notion of prosecution for carrying out of your mind.

Secondly...and this is cliche, but it is true..."concealed means concealed", in other words, no one, and I mean NO ONE, not even your "work spouse" or "best friend at work" should know you are armed. Period. It is no one's business but yours.

Third...arm yourself to the way you dress. I am never a "general advocate" of tiny pistols, however I can be a "situationally specific advocate" of tiny pistols. For example, I carry a Smith & Wesson Shield in 40 as a backup to my full size Glock 22 duty gun. I prefer the Shield to the Glock 43 only because of hand fit (I have giant wookie hands), so I carry what fits best and "generally" wouldn't carry anything smaller.

That being said, situationally, a Kel Tec (specifically) in .32 or .380 is very small, extremely thin and light, and easy to "dress to" in order to conceal and keep on your person. I am not a "general fan" of the Kel Tec, because it is too tiny for my hands but in my experience, though they are inexpensive...they work surprisingly well and for your application I am a "situational fan".

In fact, my brother shot a BUG (Backup Gun Match) at our USPSA club in Payson using his Kel Tec .32 and over the course of fire, it performed flawlessly. He has carried his Kel Tec 32 in his pocket for YEARS and it always works.

Yes, you could choose any number of other small semiautos but you give up weight and concealablity even with something as small as the Glock 42 or Kahr 380. One of the Kel Tec pistols would be a good "get you to your car" pistol in the absence of a Glock 19 (or insert your preferred model here). If you can conceal something a bit larger and a bit heavier in a good inside the waistband holster, or a holster specifically designed for a woman's carry needs...then by all means, I say "bigger is better" but the darned Kel Tec seems to be a good option for the situation you describe.

My wife is an MD and works in an obvious "no guns" setting, but that policy doesn't stop her from having a Glock 43 on her person at all times. The "policy" has no force of law.

Be safe, and much genuine respect.

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